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10 Scary Halloween Photo Effects & Horror Filters for Photoshop

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Read Time: 4 mins

Halloween is coming soon, and now is a great time to try some weird and wonderful effects with your photographs.  From vampires and zombies, to Halloween filters, distortion effects and creepy glitches, we’ll help you transport your images to another dimension!

We’ve chosen some of the coolest Adobe Photoshop effects from  from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

1. Devilishly Cool Halloween PSD Brushes

Devilishly Cool Halloween Brushes are a set of 26 spooky and mysterious brushes, perfect for any Halloween project.  Shapes include trees, gravestones, pumpkins and witches!

Devilishly Cool Halloween PSD BrushesDevilishly Cool Halloween PSD BrushesDevilishly Cool Halloween PSD Brushes
Devilishly Cool Halloween PSD Brushes

2. 7 Super Smoke Effects

If you like Halloween filters, adding smoke to your image can make it incredibly atmospheric. This download includes seven Super Smoke Effects that are pre-rendered to let you switch between effects quickly. Each is non-destructive, so your original image won’t be touched.

7 Super Smoke Effects7 Super Smoke Effects7 Super Smoke Effects
7 Super Smoke Effects

3. Haunted Photoshop Actions

Looking for an easy way to add Halloween filters? If you’re a fan of The Ring or The Grudge series of films (or the Hollywood remakes, I won’t judge) then you’ll love Haunted Photoshop Actions. Add a pale, ghostly effect to your images and your audience will never sleep again.

Haunted Photoshop ActionsHaunted Photoshop ActionsHaunted Photoshop Actions
Haunted Photoshop Actions

4. Zombie Photoshop Action

Who doesn’t love a good zombie movie? They’re a classic sub-genre and you can create this Halloween filter with your photographs with the Zombie Photoshop Aciton. Create blood stains, black veins, wounds and much more. Check out our tutorial, too.

Zombie Photoshop ActionZombie Photoshop ActionZombie Photoshop Action
Zombie Photoshop Action

5. Face Glitch FX

When it comes to horror, there’s nothing like glitch movement to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. Use the Face Glitch FX PSD template to add a unique Halloween filter and turn your images into something horrifying.

Face Glitch FXFace Glitch FXFace Glitch FX
Face Glitch FX

6. Smoke Photoshop Action

An ethereal looking action, Smoke Photoshop Action creates the effect for you, simple colour over your subject and hit play. Rather than a burning building style of smoke, this has a more gentle, other-worldly feel.

Smoke Photoshop ActionSmoke Photoshop ActionSmoke Photoshop Action
Smoke Photoshop Action

7. Ghost Photo Creator

Ghost Photo Creator is a nice way to make a Halloween image without being too gimmicky. Convert people, animals or objects into see-through ghosts. This Halloween filter download comes with ten effects and ten real film grain textures to add extra atmosphere to your photos.

Ghost Photo CreatorGhost Photo CreatorGhost Photo Creator
Ghost Photo Creator

8. Disturb - Intense Distortion Effect

Use strong vertical lines to displace your image and create an uncomfortable distortion effect with Disturb for Photoshop. Choose from six shapes, including triangle, diamond and square.

Disturb  Intense Distortion EffectDisturb  Intense Distortion EffectDisturb  Intense Distortion Effect
Disturb | Intense Distortion Effect

9. Vampire Photoshop Action

With a new Anne Rice series rumoured, vampire imagery is set to overwhelm us yet again. If you like your vampires traditional and bloody rather than romantic and sparkly (thanks Twilight) then you’ll love the Vampire Photoshop Action. There are ten eye options and ten colour effects to choose from on this Halloween filter.

Vampire Photoshop ActionVampire Photoshop ActionVampire Photoshop Action
Vampire Photoshop Action

10. 50 Glossy Blood Splatters

It wouldn’t be Halloween without fake blood that turns pink and gets everywhere, but there’s no clean up required with the 50 Glossy Blood Splatters brush set for Photoshop. There’s a gradient map included to stop the splatters from looking flat, so you can bring our your inner Dexter this October.

50 Glossy Blood Splatters50 Glossy Blood Splatters50 Glossy Blood Splatters
50 Glossy Blood Splatters

More Cool Photoshop Resources for a Spooktacular Halloween

Looking for Halloween videos? You can find plenty of free spooky video clips over at Mixkit, an awesome new HD video site offering royalty-free stock footage for you to use wherever you want for no cost.

Halloween videosHalloween videosHalloween videos
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