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19 Must-See Video Tutorials for Mastering Design in Photoshop

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Read Time: 8 mins

From beginner to expert, here are 19 must-see video tutorials for mastering design in Adobe Photoshop.

Several times per week, we publish design content over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel. Over time, we've uploaded whole free video courses for you to enjoy.

Here are our 19 must-see video tutorials for Mastering Design in Photoshop.

Must-See Photoshop Video Tutorials

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10 Tips to Master Adobe Photoshop Brushes

In this course, you'll learn everything from how to install Photoshop brushes through to mastering the use of hard and soft brushes. Using the brush tool in Photoshop is an essential skill for any aspiring designer, so learn everything you need to know in this Photoshop brush tutorial. 

First, you'll learn more about the best brushes to use, before covering pen pressure, how to blend with brushes, and installing and using custom brushes.

Flyer Design in Photoshop

Learn how to make stunning party flyers in Adobe Photoshop! Flyer design can be a fun, creative way to promote your party or event, and in this course, you'll learn how to use high-quality stock items, 3D assets, and the powerful tools in Adobe Photoshop to create two stunning flyer designs. 

 After getting to grips with the basics of flyer templates, you'll set out to design your own. You'll learn how to make a flyer for an event and create a music festival flyer and Art Deco party invitation.

How to Make Business Cards in Adobe Photoshop

Want to create business cards that make an impact? In this course, you'll learn how to make three stunning designs inspired by minimalist, photographic, and artistic concepts. Learn all the techniques you need to design your own business cards and get them print ready.

4 Amazing Photo Manipulation Video Tutorials

Perhaps you can't commit to a longer course but want to try a tutorial project. Several of our amazing tutorials have become video tutorials! Check out these amazing Photoshop projects!

Create a Living Galaxy Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Creating stars, galaxies, and nebulas requires a unique set of techniques, and in this tutorial, we are going to take a quick look at a slew of different effects, ultimately creating a being made of the stars themselves! 

Like nebulas, we are going to be keeping everything very loose and freeform; it's all about going with the flow with this one! We are going to do a whole lot of playing with different layer modes and experimenting with the flow of shadows and light, seeing what shapes naturally form as we go. 

This video does use a graphics tablet, but it is by no means required!

Create a Magical Mermaid Illustration in Photoshop

Create a mermaid illustration while learning new photo effect techniques in Adobe Photoshop. The techniques taught in this video are geared towards anyone who may feel intimidated about painting a mermaid’s tail from scratch. Not only do can you do it, but you could even do it without using a drawing tablet. 

You’ll learn how to draw a mermaid tail using the Pen Tool and some photo manipulation. This video uses a tablet, but we are going to let tools like the Pen Tool do a lot of the heavy lifting for us! Once you have these basics down, you can branch out in a number of different directions, experimenting with bigger and more complex ideas and concepts. There are so many different directions you can go in and so many more details you could add. The best part is that the more you create, the better you'll get. 

Take this opportunity to think of all the different kinds of underwater creatures you could create using these techniques as a starting point. Never be afraid to think outside of the tutorial. And as always, keep experimenting with different techniques and practising.

Create an Abstract Diamond Lens Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Learn how to create a trippy diamond lens effect in Adobe Photoshop by combining several lens flare techniques. Whether you apply them subtly or surreally is up to you. Let’s get started.

Create a Neon Rainbow Portrait in Photoshop

In this video, you'll learn how to create a neon hair portrait effect in Adobe Photoshop! You will learn a little-known trick for getting the perfect neon glow, as well as how to bring an all-over vibrancy and brightness to a portrait. The best part is, two simple color adjustment layers are going to do most of the work for you, and they're available for download!

We are aiming for a punk-rock pop art vibe for this portrait effect, so there's no holding back on color in this particular image! But feel free to experiment with darker or even monochromatic looks. With a few small tweaks, you could even use this technique to achieve the perfect fire or "inner" glow effect. 

12 Quick Design Video Tutorials

If you're looking to learn some key skills within Photoshop, why not check out our "In 60 Seconds" series. 

How to Create a Vintage Photo Filter With Adobe Photoshop

In this quick video, learn how to create your own Photoshop Action for a cool vintage photo effect. This vintage filter effect takes us back in time to a whole different world. And you can give your photos the beautiful look of old photography with a custom Photoshop action incorporating both fade and texture. 

How to Use Layer Masks in Photoshop

Photoshop masks are one of the most basic and important tools to learn. Photoshop masks add tons of advantages to your workflow that will help you achieve some of the best photo effects. This essential tool is an overlay that can be added to a layer to control what to hide and show on that specific layer. 

Masks are non-destructive layers, providing more flexibility when working with images as they don’t permanently delete information in an image. Layer masks can be used for hiding parts of an image, cutting out objects and adjusting specific parts of a photograph (in combination with adjustment layers). 

If you want to get started creating your own Photoshop effects, this is very handy too! Create photo filters and effects as part of your Photoshop actions with the help of layer masks.

How to Create a Text Portrait

In this quick video, Melody Nieves will show you how to create an easy text portrait using Layer Masks and the Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop. 

Getting a Grip on the Pen Tool

The Pen Tool is arguably the most avoided tool in Photoshop. But there's no reason to fear it. Take a minute and learn how to come to grips with the most precise selection instrument in the program.

Tints, Tones, and Shades

Tints, tones, and shades are terms you’ll hear used when discussing color. A “tint” is the result of mixing a color with white. A “shade” is the resultant mixture of a color with black. “Tone” is the resultant mixture of a color with both black and white. Check out this 60-second explanation for more details!

Paint Halloween-Inspired Skull Makeup

In this quick video, Melody Nieves will show you how to create an easy skull makeup look using Adjustment Layers and the Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop.

What Are Histograms?

Take just a minute and unravel the mystery behind those weird graphs you see everywhere in Photoshop.

How to Create a 3D Text Effect Action 

The 3D functions available in Adobe Photoshop open up a world of endless possibilities for creators. And you can apply amazing 3D text effects to your designs with a fast Photoshop action. In this short video, you’ll learn how to create a Photoshop action that creates a stunning 3D effect you can use for any project.

Neon Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Quickly learn to create a neon text effect in Adobe Photoshop.

How to Decorate Photos With Drawings

Learn how to easily decorate photos with drawings in Adobe Photoshop in 60 seconds.

How to Create a Wall of Lights Effect

Learn how to quickly create a wall of light effect with Adobe Photoshop.

How to Create a Full Color Brush in Photoshop

In Photoshop you can create heavily customized brushes, but there's one limit to them—they must be saved in grayscale. It's because the program converts various shades of gray to various shades of transparency. But what if you didn't care about transparency? What if you wanted to paint with fully colored... strawberries? It is actually possible!

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