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10 Creative Ways to Design Your 'Save the Date' Cards

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If you’re planning a wedding, either for yourself or someone else, one of the nicest gestures you can make for your guests is to send a beautifully designed ‘Save the Date’ card. Superior all round to a hurried email or text, an elegant date card will inform your guests of your upcoming nuptials in the most stylish way possible. 

Still on the hunt for the perfect wedding stationery? Browse this selection of stylish and elegant Save the Date and wedding invitation templates to discover your perfect match.

Typographic invite
Typographic Wedding Stationery

These unique and creative templates cater to all different tastes and wedding themes. Browse our edited selection of some of the very best card designs out there and discover the perfect design for your wedding. If you're looking to design your own cards from scratch, you'll also find some fantastic inspiration and creative tips and tricks.

These Envato Market templates are all completely customizable—why not experiment with different fonts, colors or graphics to make them particularly special? 

yellow black
Black and Yellow Wedding Stationery

Looking for something a little different to the designs pictured? Explore the full range of Save the Date templates over on Envato Market and you'll be sure to find The One!

1. Go for a Rustic Look

If you’re planning a more informal affair in the countryside, these rustic save the date cards offer the perfect balance of relaxed details and modern styling. A tactile brown paper texture teamed with a casual script typeface bring an informal edge to the photographic style. 

rustic invite
Rustic Save the Date Calendar Cards

This postcard style is a great budget-friendly option. With no envelope required, you’ll be able to pop the card straight in the post. 

rustic invite
Rustic Save the Date Calendar Cards

This template also comes with seven different background and color options, so if brown paper isn’t your style you can opt for wood, chalkboard or a more glamorous gold metallic.

calendar style
Rustic Save the Date Calendar Cards

Like the rustic style of this card but want to create your own design? This tutorial shows you how to create floral invites with matching envelopes in Adobe InDesign:

2. Opt for Art Deco

An Art Deco style is the perfect choice if you want to have a vintage-inspired design without the risk of appearing too ‘hipster’. Art Deco is a timeless style that pairs geometric graphics with luxurious metallic finishes. It’s a suits-all choice, equally appropriate for a city wedding or a country affair, and adds subtle glamor to any invite design. Particularly if you’re averse to using photos or illustrations on your invitations, a striking Art Deco design might be just the ticket.

art deco
Art Deco Save the Date Cards

This Art Deco invite template comes in two colorways—I love the dark design for a more glamorous, edgy take on the style, and the white design for a more informal ceremony.

art deco
Art Deco Save the Date Cards

Want to match your invites to your wedding menus? You’re in luck! This tutorial shows you how to create menu cards with an Art Deco look in Adobe InDesign: 

3. Send a Postcard

Weddings can be expensive (fact!), and invitations can be a stealth expense. On top of hiring a venue, buying a dress and providing catering for guests, the last thing you want to do is to blow your budget on stationery. 

While you might want to reserve a few more pennies for perfecting your actual invitations, you can keep the expense of your Save the Date cards low by not only minimizing the size of the cards but also by eliminating the need for envelopes. Cute and quirky postcards are a great solution for budget-friendly Save the Date cards, and they also have a lovely nostalgic charm to them.

Postcard Save the Date Cards

This vintage-inspired postcard template is a crisp and clean take on the postcard style. There’s room for a photo on the front, and the design is available in three colors. 

Postcard Save the Date Cards

It couldn’t be simpler than printing these off (at home if you’re on a very tight budget), writing the address, attaching a stamp, and popping in the post.

Postcard Save the Date Cards

Like the postcard style but not sure this design is for you? I've got a tutorial coming up in which I show you how you can DIY your own Save the Date postcards with a rustic look in Adobe InDesign.

4. Go Back in Time

If your wedding is going to have a vintage theme, or even be taking place in somewhere with a special historic feel, a true-to-vintage style is the perfect choice for your Save the Date cards. These will also have the benefit of looking timeless in style for decades to come—it’s a great choice if you want to treasure your Save the Date cards forever.

These miniature vintage cards marry muted color tones with punchy antique-inspired typefaces to create a style that wouldn’t look out of place in the 19th Century. 

vintage cards
Vintage Save the Date Template

Follow the lead of the template designer and print your Save the Date cards on heavily textured card or watercolor paper for a final authentic vintage touch. 

Want to create your own vintage-style cards? This tutorial shows you how to DIY wedding invites with an old-world look; they could be easily adapted to Save the Date cards:

5. Focus on Typography

Simple, striking typography doesn’t need photos or illustrations to complement it—sometimes, simplicity is best, and a typographic Save the Date design can have as much impact as any image-based style. 

typography cards
Typographic Wedding Stationery Template

If you’re opting for a typographic style, make sure to play with proportion to get the most out of your type. Blow up beautiful serif characters to large size and use the wedding date as an opportunity to make the numbers stand out big and bold. The bonus is that your guests will be hard-pressed to forget the date!

These elegant typographic cards make the most of a sweeping serif typeface. Teaming this fontface with minute arrows creates a look that's romantic yet pared back.

typography cards
Typographic Wedding Stationery Template

Although pink is a conventionally feminine color, here it strikes just the right balance of masculinity and femininity with the strong type style. But the cards would be equally good in a country-appropriate jade green or a Tiffany-esque mint blue.

Typography cards
Typographic Wedding Stationery Template

6. Team Black & White Photos With Punchy Color 

Black and white photography always looks more elegant, formal and classic than full-color images. However, to avoid stuffiness, a generous dose of color across type, borders and/or backgrounds can really help to frame the image and lift it into more contemporary territory.

This colorful Save the Date template is a case in point. The black and white photo works as a beautiful backdrop to the more punchy type and border. 

color plus photo
Colorful Save the Date Template

This helps to make the text the most important element on the page, while creating an overall subdued and elegant look. Restricting the design to just two colors also helps the layout to feel relatively simple and, as a result, extremely modern. 

color plus photo
Colorful Save the Date Template

Choose from three equally lovely color combinations—mustard and navy, aqua and orange, or yellow and black. On the back? A simple postcard design with clean type and a lack of color—meaning the whole focus is on that high-impact design on the front.

7. Illustrate Your Cards

Illustrated Save the Date cards can feel very special and romantic. Keeping the illustrations simple, graphic and with a slightly vintage feel will ensure that the style doesn’t date. 

Vector illustrations can strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity—stick to muted colors, clean shapes and flat styles to make sure the artwork doesn’t look too 3D or digitally generated.

If you’ve got the budget to commission an illustrator or think you could do the drawings yourself, the cards will feel particularly personal, particularly if you can incorporate special details, like hair color or other personal references, that will make it completely unique. If your budget won’t stretch to bespoke artwork, that’s no problem; this illustrated template is a lovely substitute. 

illustrated invites
Illustrated Save the Date Template

The simple style feels stylish and elegant, and the ribbon and ornate border make the design look traditional and classic. 

Why not go one step further and create your own wedding icon—an illustrated 'logo' which gives your wedding its own special branded look? Here's how:

8. Make Your Florals Modern

Flowers don’t need to look outdated—a modern take on floral design can look equal parts stylish and traditional. Keep your floral illustrations minimal and use them as a framing element for elegant script type. Stick to a restricted color theme (and avoid peach at all costs!), opting for high-impact color pairings like metallics and monochrome.

You can easily create your own floral invites using ready-made vector graphics. Try these watercolor flowers which have a folky, rustic look that looks great on informal card designs.

Rustic Floral Water Colour

This floral Save the Date template strikes the perfect balance of crisp, minimal design and a classic look which will appeal to all audiences. 

floral invite
Modern Floral Save the Date Cards

Pairing berry color tones with a clean white background helps the layout to feel contemporary, not fussy. 

floral invite
Modern Floral Save the Date Cards

Print on textured paper to bring out the rustic good looks of these cards.

floral invite
Modern Floral Save the Date Cards

9. Choose Unconventional Color Combinations

Sometimes Save the Date cards can look a little... well... pastel. Color without a doubt can be one of the most difficult elements to get right on your cards. 

Try steering away from traditional wedding colors, like pink, peach and baby blue, and take a more attention-grabbing color combination for a spin. A zesty orange or deep jade green can look fantastic paired with a crisp white, and a deep midnight blue teamed with metallic copper or silver can look incredibly glamorous and elegant.

If you’re looking for color inspiration, looking on Google or Pinterest for examples of stationery designs that aren’t strictly tailored for weddings will throw up all kinds of cool color ideas. Another idea is to choose a photo or image that you love, and lift the color palette from it using a tool like Adobe Color. This tutorial shows you how: 

How great does this pairing of yellow and black look on these ultra-modern Save the Date cards

yellow cards
Yellow & Black Wedding Stationery

Black and white alone might be a little harsh for wedding stationery, but with the addition of a warmer color tone like yellow the invites look ultra-luxurious and modern. The unusual color pairing is softened further with handwritten script typefaces and antique-style leaf illustrations.

yellow cards
Yellow & Black Wedding Stationery

10. Add a Modern Touch With a Grid Style 

Perhaps you’re fed up of florals, and vintage just isn’t your bag. For many people, choosing their wedding stationery can be stressful, particularly if you feel that you’re compromising on your usual taste just to please your mother-in-law.

If you picture your wedding as a ribbon- and potpourri-free affair, you might want to opt for a Save the Date card that is refreshingly contemporary in style. Simple, clean, minimal stationery styles are enjoying a moment in the sun, and they can be adapted to suit almost any kind of wedding ceremony.

The quickest way to make your Save the Date cards look modern is to build your layout around a grid. Straight angles and boxy sections look immediately more modern and clean than fluid or ornate details. Once you have the sections worked out, you can get playful with type, graphics and color, with the knowledge that everything will still look organized and sectioned when you’re done.

grid cards
Modern Grid Save the Date Template

This simple card template is a nice example of the modernizing impact of a simple grid. Teamed with chalkboard sans serif type and a muted wash of either mint or mustard, the design remains refreshingly modern. 

grid cards
Modern Grid Save the Date Template

It’s a distinctly elegant choice and has the added advantage of stepping into more gender-neutral territory—perfect for modern brides and grooms.

Need to brush up on your grid skills? Don't sweat it, just check out this quick tutorial:

10 Creative Ways to Design Your Save the Date Cards

Here we’ve showcased 10 stylish templates for Save the Date cards, a key part of your wedding stationery set. You can either choose to download a template that fits your style and customize it to make it personal to you or create your own cards from scratch, which gives you complete control over making the design unique. 

illustrated card
Illustrated Save the Date Template

Whichever route you choose to go down, you can be sure that one of these creative stationery styles will suit you, your partner, and the style of your ceremony. Let’s recap those 10 creative ideas:

  1. Go for a rustic style—paper textures, script type and a simple calendar layout will keep your cards looking country-friendly and informal.
  2. Opt for Art Deco—this is a classic, glamorous style which won’t date and looks supremely elegant.
  3. Send a postcard—don’t worry about buying envelopes by setting your invite up as a cute and convenient postcard.
  4. Go back in time—borrow design styles from bygone eras to make cards that are timeless and nostalgic.
  5. Focus on typography—put your energy into tracking down really beautiful serif typefaces that won’t require graphics or color to make them shine.
  6. Team black and white photos with a pop of color—it’s a great method for modernizing a classic photo style.
  7. Illustrate your cards­—draw the designs yourself or commission special artwork to make your cards feel particularly unique and personal.
  8. Make your florals modern—flowers don’t need to look musty; use a simple illustrative style and modern color to make your floral cards feel utterly modern.
  9. Choose an unconventional color combination—move away from pastels and embrace colors that don’t necessarily scream ‘wedding’, like unusual metallics, monochrome, and zesty brights.
  10. Go modern with a grid—stick to a boxy grid layout to keep your design looking slick and contemporary.

Have fun with creating your dream wedding stationery—this is one of the few opportunities in your life where you’ll be able to have complete control over the finished design. So take the chance to make it feel completely personal and special to you and your partner.

Still looking for that elusive perfect Save the Date card? You can find a huge range of different Save the Date stationery designs, from traditional to modern, on Envato Market

If you need some extra help with setting up or customizing your cards, the friendly folk over at Envato Studio will be more than happy to help out. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you need that extra bit of professional help.

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