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10 Best Photo Animation Effects (Photoshop Actions) to Make Quick GIFs


Making GIFs with Photoshop animation effects is a great way to add some interest and something a bit different to your photographs, and let's face it... it's fun too! Here are ten of our favourite Photoshop GIF actions to create cool animated GIFs, from the talented folks over at Envato Elements.

1. Gif Glitch Animated Photoshop Action

Gif Glitch Animated Photoshop Action is designed to help you create a funky glitch GIF quickly and easily. Just pop your photograph in the smart object, export to save for web, and you’ll have your GIF! Get your GIF ideas for Photoshop going with this action.

Gif Glitch Animated Photoshop Action
Gif Glitch Animated Photoshop Action

2. Hacking Animation Photoshop Action

A pattern, brush, and action set, Hacking Animation for Photoshop creates a very cool, futuristic, computerised effect. All you'll need is a few clicks to get these Adobe Photoshop action effects up and running. If you like modern Photoshop animation effects, this one is made for you.

Hacking Animated Photoshop Action
Hacking Animation Photoshop Action

3. Ephemera Animation Photoshop Action 

Captivating and ethereal, Ephemera for Photoshop creates an animated GIF with gorgeous swirls of smoke and gentle pastel colours. Create something truly breath-taking with one of the best Photoshop GIF actions online.

Ephemera GIF Ideas Photoshop
Ephemera Animation Photoshop Action 

4. Dimension Animated Photoshop Template

For use as a static image or a looping, animated GIF, Dimension is easy to use: just paste your photograph into the smart object. It creates Photoshop animation effects that add diagonal lines and a spot of glow/lens flare. Apply these Photoshop animation presets to create media for your next professional presentation.

Dimension Photoshop Animation Presets
Dimension Animated Photoshop Template

5. Animated Double Exposure Action

Double exposure effects are always visually interesting, but add some animation and you’ve got something really unique. That's why Photoshop GIF templates like this one are so popular. Use images and videos, and blend them to create the Animated Double Exposure action effect. You can change the colours, effects, and light leaks for full control.

Animated Double Exposure Action
Animated Double Exposure Action

6. Fire Animation Photoshop Action Version 2

Beautifully animated and realistic, the Fire Animation Photoshop Action will help you create GIF effects that are really special. When your photograph just isn’t punchy enough to get attention, set it on fire with this animated action for Photoshop. You'll love the results of one of the top Photoshop GIF templates on Envato Elements.

Fire Animation Adobe Photoshop Animation Effects version 2
Fire Animation Photoshop Action version 2

7. Animated Snow Photoshop Action

From fire to ice… sort of. Animated Snow Photoshop Action is one of our favorite Photoshop animation presets that will give you chills with six looped video files, each with snow blowing in a different direction. There are five fog brushes and ten colour options included in this animated action for Photoshop.

Snow Animated Action Photoshop
Animated Snow Photoshop Action

8. Sparklers Animation Photoshop Action

The joy of playing with sparklers doesn’t end when you hit adulthood. If you can’t con your mum into writing a rude word with her sparkler while you take a long exposure, then why not create a cute GIF with effects instead? It’s almost as fun, and you'll be happy to see how easy it is to use these Adobe Photoshop animation effects.

Sparklers Photoshop Animation Effect
Sparklers Animation Photoshop Action

9. Ink Scribbles Animation Photoshop Action

Create GIF effects with something fun and messy thanks to the Ink Scribbles Animation Photoshop Action. With sketchy outlines and paint splatter effects to choose from, all you have to do is paint over your still image and run the action.

Ink Scribbles Photoshop GIF Actions

10. Glitch Effect With GIF Animation

We’ll end how we began, with another glitch effect; eight in fact, as this download comes with plenty of options. The layers are fully editable so you can customise your result to suit, and there are two PSDs included: one for portrait and one for landscape.

Create GIF With Effects Glitch
Glitch effect with GIF animation

Each of these Photoshop GIF actions is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited creative resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for GIFs

If you're looking to create a GIF with effects, you won't go wrong with a few quick tips from Envato Tuts+:

  • Choose GIF ideas for Photoshop that are eye-catching!
  • Keep your colours to a minimum to help keep file sizes down.
  • If you're still struggling with file size, drop some frames and add some blur to hide any jerky glitches—unless they're intentional, of course.

Feel free to try these Adobe Photoshop animation effects with our tutorial on How to Make a GIF From a Video (With and Without Photoshop), now available in video form.

More Amazing Animation Tutorials

There's more to learn about Photoshop animation effects from Envato Tuts+! Our website and YouTube channel are filled with useful tutorials to help you learn more about how to create GIF effects and other Photoshop animation presets. Below is just a taste of what you can find from Envato Tuts+.

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