Create a Red Riding Hood Themed Photo Manipulation in Photoshop


In this tutorial we will explain how to create a Red Riding Hood themed photo manipulation in Photoshop. Let's get started!

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.

Step 1

Place the photo of the model and extract it from the background using the Pen Tool.

Desaturate the colors using the settings below.

Set the background to black be creating a new layer, filling it with black and then send the layer to back.

Step 2

Use the settings as shown below and start to paint as shown.

Next thing, is the background. Create a new layer, move it bottom and use soft round brush to paint a warm depth.

Step 3

Now it is time to paint the hood. Use the brush tool to create a shape, once you have it, create a new layer and fill it with nice dark red color.

Step 4

Next is the coat. Create new layer and use the same technique to paint her clothes and a background on the left a little bit.

As you see, for more details you need to create more shadows and lights.
Take a small standard brush and start to painting. The green dotted lines shows you the direction of the brush.

Step 5

Now it is time to add some detail on her cape. Same as before. take a standard brush, and experiment with the size and hardness. You can create a large lines and little thin lines to create more detailed areas.

We need to put more shadows on the hood, so we need to take a brush, dark red color and paint the areas which are to bright.

Next step is to make more definition of the hood. As you see I was using 10px standard brush and larger soft round brush.

Step 6

Not it is time to put the stock photo of the hood with nice texture. You can find it in Tutorial Assets on the top of the article. Of course you need to isolate the hood from the background using path tool. When you are ready, put the photo in to our canvas.

Little touch ups using the eraser to blend it more.

We need to make the hood red, so click Command/Ctrl + B to color balance, and set the values like on the image below.
Good, no we have red hood.

Step 7

I decided to make it brighter on the corner and at the top, because the light source is going from the left corner. To do that, use a small standard brush and warm orange color. Create a new layer, try to paint on these areas which I marked, then put the layer in to the group and set the blending mode to Linear Dodge (Add).

As you see, the painted layer is brighter now.

Step 8

Good. The next step is to blend more the hood with the cape, so we need to take the scarf from the base image of the model. Then isolate it from the bg, using path tool.

Once we have it, put the scarf in the same place like on the base image. To blend it more with the hood and cape, use the small standard brush. Paint over the hood, try to change the size of the brush, use a dark red color.

Step 9

For the next step we use the red curtain. I found a nice stock photo on Shutterstock, downloaded it and cut out the curtain from the image.

When you have it on the layer, put it to our canvas and start to rotate and reshape the curtain to fit it to the image.

You need to erase the bottom are to blend it more with the image. I always use masks, these are very nice tools, when you erase the layer to much, you can always go back and bring it back switching the foreground color with the background X.

Step 10

Ok now duplicate the layer of the curtain, use saturation Command/Ctrl + U and curves Command/Ctrl + M to make it more bright. as I said the source of light is coming from the top left corner, so we need to make this area bright.

Erase a little bit the duplicated layer.

Step 11

Duplicate it once again, go to stylize > glowing edges. .

We have a layer with more defined edges, put it on screen blending mode so the black background disappear, change the opacity also

Step 12

Now take our first image of the curtain and resize it a little bit. Erase corners with soft round brush.

In these steps you see how I blend it to the background and you will see that I paint some lines around to fit the curtain more. Everything need to be very complex, like this is one element, but made from many others.

Step 13

The corners of whole image should be a little darker. I take a brush, which you can find in tutorial assets and start to paint. I set the color white to show you how it looks like. When we are done, invert the painted layer so it should be black.

Change the blending mode to multiply, because that gives us the possibility to see the background from the bottom, because it is over painted.

Step 14

We have hair sticking out from the hood. This is easy to fix, create a new layer and paint on the area I marked, using the brush from tutorial assets.

Step 15

The next thing about the whole image is to add kind of fire effect on the cape. I take the stock photo from, resize it and put it on the canvas.

I decided to modify the texture, so I choose liquify filter, you can see on the images how I did it.

Once I have it done, I set the blending mode of the texture to screen to remove the black background.

Now it is time to move it on the left area of the image and change the opacity.

Do these steps couple of times, moving the layer in different places using the transform mode Command/Ctrl + T.

The same fire texture use in different way. You can warp it against the cape.

Step 16

The other idea is to twirl the texture. Go to Distort > Twirl. Use these settings you can see below.

Now we have twirled texture. We need to move it to the left, use the transform tool to rotate it and fit to the cape changing the opacity to 30%.

Step 17

And again, resize the same texture, try to blend it more, erasing some of the corners or change the opacity.

Step 18

I added two splashes, change the blending options and that gives us a dirtier background. You can try to add more different splashes and set different blending modes. Try to experiment.

Step 19

One of the last things are adjustments layers. I start with curves. Mask them out in the face area.

Next is Channel mixer with settings you see below.

Add adjustment layer called Levels to add more contrast.

Once again Curves to add more light for the image.

Here you can see all set of the adjustment layers.

Step 20

The last thing is the black tear. This effect adds more drama to the project. You can paint it with a small standard brush.

Final Image

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