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Apply Texture, Age, and Weathering Effects in Photoshop Using Machine Wash Deluxe 2


Most artists, designers, and photographers need to apply texture, aging, and weathering effects to their work at some point. These types of effects can be a lot of fun to apply to your work, but applying them using Photoshop's basic tools can be quite time-consuming. In this tutorial, we will show you how the new Machine Wash Deluxe plugin by Mister Retro can be used to apply professional quality texture, aging, and weathering effects to artwork. Let's take a look!

Machine Wash Deluxe is a simple and powerful plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Apple Aperture, and iPhoto that allows you to add weather and age to photographs, designs, or even typography. It includes over 3,500 presets and will allow you to create millions of possible creations. The tutorial below, by Mark Heaps will give you a detailed explanation of Machine Wash's capabilities.

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