Create Black and White Floral Typography in Photoshop


I am sure that you will agree that there is something mysterious about black and white photography. A while back I took some photos of some dry flowers and decided that I wanted to integrate them into an illustration. Today, I will use those photos to create some beautiful black and white floral typography.

Step 1

Open the Dry flowers.psd file that came with your download.

Step 2

Create a new Document, 80 x 42 cm. Go to Image > Mode > Grayscale to convert your image to black and white. Now double click your layer background and fill it with a black background.

Step 3

Browse through the flower cutouts and seek out flowers that are similar in shape to the letterforms that you want to create. In this instance, I chose a flower that looked similar to an “I.” Simply drag it onto your canvas.

Step 4

Continue dragging flowers onto your canvas. Some flowers may look similar to letters already, others may need some work.

Step 5

So far we’ve build our “I” and “E.” To build the “S” we will need a few curvy floral elements. Don’t worry if it is not perfect. You can always tweak your letters later on.

Step 6

Use the Transform Tool (Cmd/Ctrl + T) to rotate and flip your elements until you are satisfied with the result.

Cut out unnecessary pixels using pen tool (P) to create a path around the area you want to remove.

Make a selection from your path and Delete.

To make the “S” more curved, make a selection using the Pen Tool, extract it, then rotate and place it as shown. Use your own discretion here.

Step 7

Now let’s build an “H.”

To build the “H” we need to select an image and remove any unnecessary pixels if necessary.

Add more images and rotate, scale, and resize to produce a desired look.

Cut and Copy areas as necessary.

Add the copied areas as necessary to the upper portion of the “H” and place them as shown.

Step 8

The letter “I” is pretty straightforward. The shape is right but we need to add some decorative elements to make it look a bit better.

Step 9

Now fill in the “N” using some more flower photos. Once you have filled in the final letter, it’s now time to start adding life to these elements by sketching some shapes onto the canvas. To do this, use the brush tool and start sketching some doodles and swirls.

Step 10

Continue sketching the curve of each letter. No need to be precise. Just draw a rough sketch.

Step 11

Once you have finished your sketches. Create a New Layer and name is “Bright Swirl.” Use the Pen Tool to create a path around the sketch as shown.

Fill the selection with white or light gray. Use a soft brush, around 200 px, set to multiply and 80% opacity to brush around the inside edge to give it a 3D feeling.

Step 12

Now, we will start adding some addition decoration. To start things off we will make a circle selection around the top of the “S” as shown.

Use the brush tool to paint in some highlights on the circle as shown.

Add a layer mask to the circle shape.

Mask out some parts of the circle as shown to make some areas fade away.

Step 13

Use the process we outlined in Step 11 to add some more curves to the “H.”

Continue adding more detail using the techniques we outlined earlier.

Step 14

The “I” definitely needs some decorative elements. Continue adding them as described in earlier steps.

Step 15

As you can see, the “N” covers a lot of area. We will need to break up some of it with some more swirls. Continue adding decoration using the techniques described earlier.

Step 16

Use the Pen Tool to draw shapes that emphasize the shape of the “N.” When you’re done, fill it with a darker color and add shading with the Brush Tool.

Step 17

The shape of the “E” is perfect. We don’t need to do any tweaking here but we do need to add some more illustrative elements to make it flow better with the rest of the artwork.

Step 18

Continue adding illustrative elements to the bottom of the “E.”

Step 19

You may find that some layers look better when inverted. Select the layers and invert them by going to Image > Adjustments > Invert or simply press Cmd/Ctrl + I.

Step 20

Also feel free to adjust the levels of some layers by going to Image > Adjustments > Levels, or select Cmd/Ctrl + L. Use your best judgment here.

Step 21

To make the overall composition a bit stronger, let’s add some more elements to emphasize the flowing areas. Make a circle selection as shown and add an effect using the techniques described in Step 12.

Step 22

Lighten parts of the "E" by using Pen Tool to create a path, make selection, and by brushing in some white to brighten it up a bit.

Step 23

Use various brush sizes and opacities to add a sparkling effect as shown.

Step 24

The “S” needs to be a but thicker in the middle.

Step 25

Open the Flower PSD and look for a flower petal similar to the one shown below. Now place at as shown.

Delete the old flower petal that made up the “S” shape.

Create a circle shape as detailed in earlier steps.

Step 26

Adjust the levels by select Cmd/Ctrl + L and adjust the middle curve of the “S” so that it is almost black.

Step 27

Add some more flowing curves to the “S” to balance it with the “E.” Also add some more sparkles as well.

Final Image

That's it! We're finished!

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