Create a Sweet Pair of Glossy Vector Lips


Pucker up, let's create a sweet pair of super glossy vector lips. Start with a sketch, scan it in, Live Trace it, then proceed to color your illustration with layer upon glossy layer until your vector lips are complete. The workflow uses the Eraser Tool to reveal the shadows below, which is a useful approach to review. Let's get to it!

Final Image Preview

Below is the final design we will be working towards. Want access to the full Vector Source files and downloadable copies of every tutorial, including this one? Join VECTORTUTS PLUS for just $19/month.


Step 1

First, draw the lips on paper. It's always good to start with a solid sketch. Next, scan them in, convert the scan to a black and white image in Photoshop, and then drag the image into your Illustrator workspace.

Step 2

Click on the Live Trace button and use the Default settings, or ones you prefer, so you can work with the lines and colors as vectors.

Step 3

Expand the image.


Step 4

Select all the white fill with the Magic Wand Tool and delete it, so your left with only the black line.


Step 5

Draw a red square with your Rectangle Tool.


Step 6

Send the square back with CTRL + Left Bracket Key. Select the square and the lips with the Selection Tool. After that press the Divide button from Pathfinder options.


Step 7

With the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the red color outside the black outline and delete it.


Step 8

Now with the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the teeth and change their color to white.


Step 9

Ungroup all at once (Command + Shift + G), then with the Selection tool select the red path and copy it above the original one. Verify if the action worked by dragging the copy a little to left. Then set it back to the way it was, above the original fill, by hitting Undo (Command + Z).


Step 10

Change the color of the above red to a brighter one and then start erase with the Eraser Tool. Remove the spaces where you want to leave a shadow (reveal the darker red underneath).


Step 11

Apply the same technique with a brighter color. Copy it and set it above all the reds. Same as in the previous step, erase it a little so it seems like a soft light and let the darker red underneath look like a shadow.


Step 12

Add some white lines with the same method and arrange them if it's necessary with the Warp tool.


Step 13

With your Pen Tool draw the shadow of the teeth.


Step 14

Send it under the black and red colors, and leave it only above the white color of the teeth.


Step 15

Play a little with the colors in the overall illustration until your satisfied with the results.



Draw a dark red square behind the final work and that's all! Enjoy!


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