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Learning to draw the human figure and create stunning vector portraits can be an arduous task. Working with models, or photo references, finding the right pose, using just the right blend effect for skin, the correct vector brush for hair, are all subtle skills needed for the vector portrait artist.

In this Creative Session, take your vector people portrait work to the next level, by grabbing a heavy dose of inspiration from professionals working in the field, as well as hands on tutorials that teach you the big brush strokes and artistic nuances that will transform your vector portrait work.

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  • Illustration
    Creating a Portrait Using Only Four Colors!Design and illustration
    In today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a vector portrait using only four colors. It will use a variety of Blending Modes and Opacities to give the impression that a variety of shades have been used.Read More…
  • Illustration
    Create a Sparkly Female Portrait in IllustratorThumb
    In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to create a sparkly female portrait through playing with transparency and overlapping vector shapes. In this tutorial you'll also learn to experiment with colors and just letting go of your creativity. Let's get started!Read More…
  • Tools & Tips
    Quick Tip: Rapid Vector Portrait ProcessPreview
    This Quick Tip tutorial will guide you through the process of making a vector portrait rapidly. A picture will be used as a guide for black and gray paths. We'll review some shortcuts that will allow you to achieve good quality results with few steps and minimum fuss.Read More…
  • Inspiration
    25 Fantastic Vector PortraitsPreview
    When most people think to create a portrait, Illustrator isn't the first program that comes to mind. Photoshop, sure. Pencil and paper, definitely. Even paints or collage seem obvious. But Illustrator? The truth is, though, some truly fantastic portraits have been created in Illustrator and other vector art programs. And the process can be as difficult or straight-forward as you choose to make it. Most designers seem to start out with a photo, though others have been created from scratch and may even be fictional characters with no reference image. In any case, the end results are fantastic, whether they're kept a bit more abstract and two-dimensional or they've gone for a more realistic final result.Read More…
  • Illustration
    Modeling the Human Face in IllustratorPreview
    With a simple and direct methods described in this tutorial, you can create a female portrait easily. This process will have you creating anatomically correct human faces in no time.Read More…
  • Illustration
    Creating a Dramatic Portrait with Chunky Line ArtPreview
    In today's tutorial I'm getting back to my old vector line art roots and showing you how to achieve a chunky line art style. This can be created in any version of Illustrator CS and is a great comic look for your illustrations.Read More…
  • Illustration
    Tracing a Vector Face From a Reference PhotoPreview
    A few times a each month we revisit some of our reader’s favorite posts from throughout the history of Vectortuts+. This tutorial by Jesse Hora was first published on October 20th 2009. There are numerous ways that you could approach using a reference photo in illustration, an obvious option being to 'trace' the photo. Since there are so many microscopic details in a photograph you have to make numerous decisions on how you want the image to look in the end. Do you want it to look photorealistic? Or more stylized? Comic book-esque? Cartoon-like? All of these decisions will result in the look and style of your final image, and your work as a whole. As a commercial designer/illustrator, the style and look of your work will make or break you. This tutorial will cover these decisions as we create an illustration from a reference photo.Read More…
  • Effects
    Create a Sci-Fi, Vector Portrait Made of SymbolsPreview
    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create vector images made from any symbols, having previously processed a bitmap image in Photoshop and using a wonderful script. The technique is very simple and accessible to everyone, it only depends on your imagination!Read More…
  • Inspiration
    Featuring 25 Inspiring Vector PortraitsPreview
    Within the majority of vector communities on the internet, portrait art is a popular theme. Be it rendering from photo stock or reference free work, it's a corner stone in vector art. Browse through twenty five wonderful, unique portraits, be in technique or the final appearance, which may inspire you to try new avenues of vector art portrait creation. All of the art work has came from members on deviantArt, where there is a strong vector community.Read More…
  • Techniques
    Using Stock References in the Creation of Vector ArtPreview
    Historically, artists have used live models and landscapes as a base for their work. In the digital age, stock photos are easily accessible and widely used in all forms of art and vector art is no exception. In this article, we'll look at how useful stock is to the vector artist.Read More…
  • Illustration
    How to Illustrate Dynamic Hair Using Adobe Illustrator's Paintbrush ToolPreview
    This tutorial will show you how to create a dynamic hairstyle from a reference image. You will use the Paintbrush Tool, basic skin shading and transparent gradients.Read More…
  • Illustration
    Create a Monochrome Portrait in IllustratorDesign and illustration
    In this tutorial you will learn how to created a vector portrait using a limited color pallet. You will learn how to modify a stock image in Adobe Photoshop and how to use various blends and techniques within Adobe Illustrator to create a soft monochrome portrait.Read More…
  • Portrait
    Create a Backlit, Elegant Female Portrait in IllustratorPre
    Today I'm going to be showing you how to create an elegant female portrait using complementary colors with a backlight effect. You'll learn several tips along the way to help enhance and flatter your female illustrations, which are comparable with many cosmetic tips!Read More…
  • Illustration
    Creating with Vector Blends In-DepthDesign and illustration
    Have you considered the possibilities of the Blend options in Adobe Illustrator? Today I'm going to show you ways to get creative with Blends by illustrating a whole portrait using primarily Blends!Read More…
  • Character Design
    Create a Male Portrait from a Photo ReferenceDesign and illustration
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a detailed male portrait from a photo reference with a slight cartoon styling. I'll go into male portrait theory and talk about the common errors in creating a male portrait and how to avoid them.Read More…
  • Character Design
    Create a Blood Elf Inspired Portrait in IllustratorDesign and illustration
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a blood elf inspired portrait from a photo. We'll cover some photo manipulation tips, vectoring a portrait in Illustrator and even some theory on hair style.Read More…