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Audiences identify with effective logos and well composed brand identities. Learn how to craft creative logo designs with impact. In this Creative Session, we have a compilation of inspiring logo design and branding material.

Learn step by step how to create killer logo designs for your customers, as well as how to craft your own creative visual identity design. We have quick tips that show you quality logo design techniques, as well as interviews with logo design professionals.

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  • Web Roundups
    10 Principles of the Logo Design MastersLogomas prev
    The veterans of the logo design industry have achieved their success for a reason. Sure, it's partially due to the years of practice, blood, sweat, tears and inky fingers. But mainly, it's because they stuck to the ten solid-gold principles of world class logo design.Read More…
  • Adobe Illustrator
    From a Logo to Business Card, How to Make a Self Promotion SetDesign and illustration
    Starting out as a freelancer can be daunting, with many people falling into the trap of spending way too much time and money on promotion rather than the business itself.Read More…
  • Case Study
    The Making of an "ELITE" IdentityPreview
    Deep down inside every designer loves a good ol' fashion logo. In-fact, as a kid you probably redrew the Nike or Lacoste logo over and over, just for fun. Or was that just me? So when a start-up business owner of an athletic training company approached me to help with their identity I was super excited about the opportunity. In this case study I will cover the process that I went through to the create the logo as well as a few of the identity pieces.Read More…
  • Designing
    The Logo Design Process for Ultimate PotentialPreview
    My name is Jacob Cass and I am a logo designer, web designer and graphic designer from Sydney, Australia and in this article I will guide you through the process of creating the logo for one of my recent clients, Ultimate Potential. This article offers insights into, not only the thought process behind creating the logo, but also the creation of the logo itself.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    The Process of Designing a Killer LogoPreview
    Designing a killer logo has everything to do with concept and little to do with technical prowess or how well you can use a design program. Also, when it comes down to it vector is the most versatile and useful format for logo design. This article will cover the creative process behind creating a strong conceptual logo and how to use Adobe Illustrator to your advantage when creating a logo.Read More…
  • Inspiration
    20 Weird Logos That Work (and Why They Do)Weirdlogos prev
    Logos are everywhere. Because of this, only a few can rise among the noise -- and often it's the more unique logos that are most memorable. Sometimes to be unique, you've also got to be weird. In this post, we showcase twenty lovably strange logos that work.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    30 Brilliant Vector Logo Designs, DeconstructedLogoprev
    A kick-butt logo design is of great importance to any business. Often seen as the first impression of a company, its logo must be tailored to communicate specific values and ideals in an instant. However, logos not only have the look good, they should also be thoughtfully designed and capable of taking on a variety of uses. This could include being scaled to a range of sizes, being reproduced in flat color and being printable on paper stock. In this post we look at 30 contemporary examples of great vector logo design and find out what makes them work.Read More…
  • Inspiration
    Inspiration: Colorful and Vivid Logos Thumbnail
    The world as we see it, is populated by colors. Every day we see brands and businesses using colors to define their identity (for example, the famous "yellow M" of a multinational fast-food chain). Although logos are traditionally made with minimal colors, the shift towards full color is unmistakable. In fact, a recently published article by Logo Lounge states that, for many years logos have been designed with one or two colors and recently designers have begun to look at the actual surface of the shapes as an entirely new canvas and the use of color is unrestrained. The article goes on to say that, rainbow-like color is often used to represent the concept of a full spectrum, more choices, or additional capabilities. In this compilation we present to you a selection of colorful and vivid logos that are fresh, inspiring and push creative boundaries.Read More…
  • Web Roundups
    25 Powerful Non-profit Logos, DeconstructedNonprofit prev
    Amnesty, World Vision, Make Poverty History: important and powerful organizations with equally powerful logos. In this post, we deconstruct 25 logos for organizations that make a positive difference in the world, particularly through fighting poverty.Read More…
  • Interviews
    Profile: Bojan Stefanovic, AKA LogoholicPreview
    Bojan Stefanovic, the man behind, has made two stunning confessions. Ones that may turn the design world on its head: he has never even tasted coffee and all of his logo designs and corporate identity creations are done on a PC. We know those go against all of your sensibilities and moral codes. We realize this will probably make you start to question your existence. We can't apologize for being the bearer of bad news though, as this doesn't change the fact that he's just an all-around cool guy. At 36 ("and a half"), Stefanovic states that he's only accomplished about half of what he'd hoped to by this age. But based on the success he's enjoyed thus far, it makes you wonder what's left on his list.Read More…
  • Interviews
    Interview with David Pache of Helvetic BrandsPreview
    David Pache is a branding expert from Switzerland. His work is grounded in design principles, which gives him a strong platform to create unique identities from. He has recently rebranded his studio under the name Helvetic Brands, as that better describes his services. David prides himself in not overcomplicating identity solutions. He feels a solid brand is easier to remember when delivered simply. While he has a well developed approach to creating client solutions, he consistently experiments with various tools, such as markers, legos, paintings, and photography. In this interview, David talks about creating custom typographic logo designs for clients. Learn his process for this and how it elevates the solutions he's able to offer his clients. He also talks about his sketching, conceptual process, presenting solutions to clients, and more.Read More…
  • Inspiration
    Inspiration: Fantastic Logos Across the Color SpectrumPreview
    One of the biggest uses of Illustrator has always been and most probably always will be logo design. All good corporate image design relies on a great composition and superb typography - this isn't as easy as it sounds. It takes hours of sketching, hours of mocking and even hours finishing the final touches. To even get to that stage you need to know what you're doing and do plenty of research into the industry to find out what works and what doesn't for certain companies. To help inspire you for your future logo projects we have compiled a collection of eighty stunning typographic logos. The logos are categorized into colors with some brief explanations on color meanings in logos. We want to know what your favorite logos are, so let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post!Read More…
  • Adobe Illustrator
    Create a Classic Vector Crest LogoDesign and illustration
    Over the years I’ve slowly built a nice collection of crest-based artwork in my portfolio. At any one time I usually have a commission on my table that’s derived from a client asking, "Can you do your cresty thing."Read More…
  • Designing
    Create a Realistic 3D Sphere Logo from Scratch Using CorelDrawSphere
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a realistic 3d sphere logo. This tutorial is for designers who use CorelDraw as their main software. This kind of logo works well for technology focused companies, as it has a high-tech feel. After working through this tutorial you'll be able to create similar designs in your work.Read More…
  • Designing
    Quick Tip: Create a Colorful Sliced Sphere to use as a Logo DesignPreview
    Colorful and vibrant logos are extremely trendy recently. In this Quick Tip we will take a look at how you can easily create an appealing colored sphere which will make a great foundation for a successful logo. Let's get started!Read More…
  • News
    Tuts+ Podcast Episode 2 - The Business of Logo DesignPreview
    In this episode we discuss the business of logo design. This will include information on both the create and business side of the industry. First we will talk a little about the creative process of logo design. Where do the ideas come from? How do you decide what style is most appropriate? How much input does the client get? Afterwords, we talk about how to market yourself as a logo designer. How do you get your first clients? How do you figure out what to charge? What is a logo designers best marketing tool? We have some great discussions with guests Von Glitcha and Dickie Adams, both regulars of our popular Freelance Switch podcast: Freelance Radio.Read More…