Selections & Masking in Photoshop

Replacement Course Available

This course is missing some source files and uses an older version of Adobe Photoshop. We have published a replacement course that uses Adobe Photoshop CC: Selections and Masking in Adobe Photoshop.

Part of the Adobe Photoshop Launchpad bundle

Includes 6 courses: Photoshop Essentials, Advanced Photoshop Techniques, Selections and Masking in Adobe Photoshop, Getting Started with Smart Objects, Photoshop Actions to Showcase Projects, Fluid Photo Manipulation: Transform, Warp, and Liquify

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My name is Philip Zeplin. I recently finished my Masters Degree in Visual Communication, at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (formerly “The Danish Design School”) in Copenhagen. I have been working with art since I was a child, and have used Adobe Photoshop for over 13 years, and currently teach in advanced Photoshop techniques.
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