Selections & Masking in Photoshop


One of the trickiest techniques to master in Photoshop is not a specific look or style. It’s the fundamentals of being able select and edit exactly what portion of an image you intend. Learn all you need to know about masking and selection techniques in Photoshop. From basic shape masking to separating out fine details, Philip Zeplin walks you through the pro tips and techniques you’ll need to know. Let’s get started!

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Free Preview: Selections & Masking in Photoshop


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My name is Philip Zeplin. I recently finished my Masters Degree in Visual Communication, at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (formerly “The Danish Design School”) in Copenhagen. I have been working with art since I was a child, and have used Adobe Photoshop for over 13 years, and currently teach in advanced Photoshop techniques.
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