Information Graphics


Know the difference between a bubble and a locator graph? Got heaps of data you don’t know what to do with? In this course, Cheryl Graham explains all the nuances of data-driven design. Using Adobe Illustrator, Cheryl guides designers through the process of creating useful information graphics. Grab your data and get started! You’ll learn:

  • An introduction to graphs and displaying data.
  • When to use which graph technique.
  • Breaking down data into a useful presentation.
  • Tackling practical issues like color, text, and shapes.
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls for each graph type.
  • Importing and exporting issues between data programs and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Creating maps, timelines, and much more!
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Free Preview: Information Graphics

About the Course

Cheryl Graham trained as a traditional artist in drawing and painting. These days she spends more time in front of the computer than the easel. She's been using Adobe Illustrator for over 15 years. Her Illustrator work has been featured in the "The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book" and "Real World Illustrator."
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