Getting Advanced in Pixelmator


In this course, Elaine Giles will show you a whole range of advanced features and techniques that will take your Pixelmator design skills to the next level. Discover how to create and share your own brush sets, apply text treatments, retouch and composite images and much more.

If you’re new to Pixelmator, then it is suggested that you take our Introduction to Pixelmator course before this one, as it lays the foundation for what you’re about to learn.

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2.1 hours
Elaine is a training consultant based in Manchester in the UK. She loves anything remotely related to tech, hosting an Apple related podcast, MacBites, and managing an official Adobe User Group. Broadcasting live training sessions for many years, she has trained thousands of people on a wide range of applications and technologies. She has an active YouTube channel and when not creating courses, videos, writing books and training, Elaine can be found indulging her passion for slide design and reading. You can check out her blog at and keep up to date with her via Twitter.
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