• Color Theory
    Using Color Palettes to Create Identity in ArtworkPreview
    Artists seek to stand out in a variety of ways. One way that you can accomplish this is by using a recognizable color palette throughout your work. In this article we'll explore ways to find inspiration for palettes, how to create, save, and easily use palettes in your vector work, what these colors may convey to the viewer, and how something as simple as a color palette can define you as an artist.Read More…
  • Art
    Defining and Valuing ArtWhat is art prev
    What is art? Can it really be defined? And if not, how can it have any value? How to tell whether you're a bad or a good artist? In this article I'll explore one of the most mysterious topics of art, trying to define art itself.Read More…
  • Halloween
    How to Draw Animals: BatsHow to draw bats prev
    Traditionally at this time of the year, bats come into the spotlight. However, their media image is full of misconceptions and prejudice. They're seen as blood-thirsty vampires, or, at best, mean pests. In this tutorial we'll look at them from another angle—we'll get to know their anatomy and special features, and learn how to draw them properly in every position and shape. No need to be afraid, I promise!Read More…
  • Human Anatomy
    Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Additional TipsPrev
    To round up our lessons on drawing human anatomy, here are some additional tips. We'll look at close-ups on some body parts, insights into motion, folds, and more.Read More…
  • Design Theory
    Is Digital Art "Real" Art? Facts and Myths About Digital CreatingDigital art myths prev
    Can you be a great digital artist when you don't how to draw with a pencil? Do you need expensive equipment for digital art? And what is the best way to learn it? The answers may be surprising!Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    Live Perspective: A New Approach to Depth in DrawingWhat is perspective prev
    Perspective. The word freezes the blood in the veins of every aspiring artist (and even many of those who seem to be pretty good at what they do). Learn what perspective really is, and why we need it so much! Read More…
  • Adobe Illustrator
    Get Under the Hood with Vector Wire Frames: All About Outline ModeUntitled 2
    Breaking down the how, what, and why of Outline Mode in Adobe Illustrator. Outline Mode is a path-only, wire-frame view of your vector work. Read More…
  • Animal Anatomy
    How to Draw Animals: Fish and SharksHow to draw fish prev
    In this tutorial I'll show you features of a typical fish, as well as basic information about sharks. This way you'll be able to create your own species easily.Read More…
  • Print Design
    3 Tips for Building a Cohesive Design Across Your Print DesignsPreview img
    In this tutorial, I'm sharing my top three tips that will not only help you plan out your print designs, but show you how to maintain a consistent design across your entire project. Read More…
  • Human Anatomy
    Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Drawing Different AgesPrev
    A detailed lesson for accurately portraying and drawing people of all ages, touching on the progression that happens over time.Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    Don't Take It Personally: How to Make Critique Work for YouMake friends with critique prev
    Do you feel pressured by others to change your style? Do you get hurt by the opinions of others? Why?Read More…
  • Illustration
    Realism, Photorealism, and Style in DrawingWhat is style prev
    In this article I'll make an attempt to analyze the concept of style: What is it? Can it be judged? Are all styles equally good? Can style mask lack of talent? What makes the style realistic? What's wrong about copying someone's style? And, most importantly, how can one develop their own style?Read More…
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