• Illustration
    How to Paint a Spring Lady Floral Portrait in Adobe PhotoshopSpringlady tut400
    Spring is in the air! Can you already feel it? Join me and get in a warm and sunny mood while drawing this vivid floral illustration of a girl surrounded with gentle flowers and fresh green foliage. Follow through a calming process of digital painting, using the Lasso Tool and standard Photoshop brushes, creating a textured effect. Let's start!Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    How to Create a Pastel Painted Landscape in Adobe Photoshop33 landscape digital painting final400
    Nature is the most inexhaustible source of inspiration! Follow me in this tutorial and let’s make a dedication to the beauty of nature by painting a lovely cartoon landscape in Adobe Photoshop, using default brushes with textured edges, creating a pastel drawing effect. We’ll start with a blank page and go through the full process of creating our sketch, enlivening it with colors, and filling our artwork with details. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Halloween
    Create a Vintage Bloody Text Effect Wallpaper Design in Adobe PhotoshopPreview
    Create a blood-soaked text effect wallpaper design inspired by American Horror Story, using some textures, brushes, and adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop.Read More…
  • Brushes
    Create Your Own Grunge Brushes in Adobe Photoshop025
    Create custom grunge brushes from photos, scanned resources, or from scratch in Adobe Photoshop!Read More…
  • Texture
    Exclusive Freebie: 27 High Resolution Watercolor TexturesPreview
    Are you looking to add a splash of color to your latest project? We have the perfect freebie for you. Today, we are releasing a set of 27 high resolution textures for you to use in your work for free.Read More…
  • Texture
    Freebie: 12 Grungy Bokeh TexturesPreview
    The word bokeh is derived from the Japanese word boke. It's a term used to describe the deliberate and creative use of lens blur in photography. In design, bokeh photographs or textures have many uses. They can be used as background images or even to draw interest to a specific part of a design. Today, we are giving away several unique grungy bokeh textures for you to use in your work for free.Read More…
  • Texture
    Freebie: 8 High Resolution Screen Print Ready TexturesPreview
    A designer can never have too many textures on hand to add dimension, depth, or just to distress their artwork. Today, our friends at CX City were gracious enough to donate 8 high resolution screen print ready textures that you can use in your work. CX City is an apparel and art project based in southern California and they have packaged up some really nice textures contained within a PSD file that you can download and apply to your apparel designs.Read More…
  • Texture
    Freebie Pack – 4 Free High Resolution Grunge TexturesTv grunge200px sample
    Textures have a seemingly endless number of uses for graphic design. A nice texture can be used to add depth or a sense of realism to an otherwise flat design. They can be used in print design, web design, and even 3D graphics. Today, we have a really nice set of 4 free high resolution grunge textures from our friends at Texture Vault that you can download right now and use in your work.Read More…
  • Texture
    Old Leather Textures200 prev
    File Type: JPEGSize: 3872 px by 2592 pxLicense: Creative Commons LicenseRead More…
  • Texture
    Dried Leaf TexturesDriedleaftexture200x200
    File Type: JPGSize: 2048 px by 1536 pxLicense: Creative Commons LicenseRead More…
  • Texture
    Wrinkled Paper TexturesPreview
    File Type: JPGSize: 4752 px by 3168 pxLicense: Creative Commons LicenseRead More…
  • Texture
    Free High Res Wood TexturesWood textures thumb
    File Type: JPEGSize: 3008 px by 2000 pxLicense: Creative Commons LicenseRead More…