Photo Manipulation

  • Photo Manipulation
    New Course: Fluid Photo ManipulationLiquify
    Our new design course explores the Transformation, Warp, and Liquify tools within Adobe Photoshop. You’ll learn about the features at a beginner level, then work through them in a practice project, and ultimately apply them to the overarching course project of developing a photo caricature. By the end of this course, you'll have a greater understanding of these powerful photo manipulation tools within Adobe Photoshop.Read More…
  • Halloween
    Create a Spooky Forest Setting in Adobe PhotoshopSpookyforestpreviewimage
    Fall is the season in which even the most unassuming settings can take on an air of creepiness. It doesn't help when the setting starts out as rather terrifying, and just gets worse! Start with a forest setting on a foggy night, add in an abandoned old house, mix well with spooky lighting effects, then season with a few surprises hidden in the dark. That's how we add an atmosphere of terror and dread to this quaint little cottage in the woods!Read More…
  • Photo Manipulation
    How to Create an Exploding Planet in Adobe PhotoshopPreviewimage3
    This tutorial will teach you how to create a cracked and exploding planet. All super villains wish for a weapon capable of destroying a planet. We have one too: we call it Photoshop! We will start with a perfectly good planet and smash it like an egg! Or at least an egg that is floating in space and has an explosion of energy within it.Read More…
  • Photo Manipulation
    Create Unique Rust and Distress Effects in Adobe PhotoshopRusteffectspreview
    Learn how to create and use realistic rust and scratch effects in this excerpt from the Advanced Photo Manipulation: Movie Poster Effects course. Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Quick Tip: Using the Path Blur and Spin Blur in Photoshop CC 2014Preview template
    Use the new Blur Filters in Photoshop CC's 2014 release to create interesting effects.Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    How to Use Focus Area Selection in Adobe PhotoshopFocusselectpreview
    Using the new Focus Area selection feature in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014Read More…
  • Poster Design
    Create an Epic Godzilla-Inspired Movie Poster in Adobe PhotoshopGoodzilla preview
    Create a Godzilla-inspired movie poster in Adobe Photoshop.Read More…
  • Poster Design
    Create a Post-Apocalyptic Movie Poster in Adobe Photoshop and InDesignTerminator inspired preview
    In this tutorial we'll combine satellite imagery and digital painting techniques to make a high impact movie poster in Adobe Photoshop. I'll also show you how to use InDesign to create error-free artwork. Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Transform a Photo into a LEGO Block Piece of Art in Adobe PhotoshopLegoblockart preview
    Use Adobe Photoshop to build a LEGO version of a photo. Use some clever filters and shadowing techniques to easily create the appearance of building a photo replica with hundreds of tiny plastic blocks. Read More…
  • Photo Manipulation
    Illustrate a Dramatic, Feather-Infused Portrait in Adobe PhotoshopPreview
    Anna Dittmann guides you through her digital painting process using Adobe Photoshop techniques to create an eerie, textured portrait.Read More…
  • Photo Effects
    How to Add Realistic Falling Snow to a Photo in Photoshop0947 snow preview 400px
    Falling snowflakes are a great way to make your winter photography much more interesting. Sometimes, the weather doesn't cooperate however, and you have to turn to Photoshop to get the job done. In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a realistic falling snow effect in Photoshop and show you how to apply it to your images.Read More…
  • Photo Effects
    How to Restore a Heavily Damaged Photo With Photoshop0917 restoration preview400
    While Photoshop is a great tool to enhance or modify digital images, it is also a fantastic application to repair or restore photographs damaged by the effects of age, neglect, or acts of nature. In this tutorial, we will show you how to restore a heavily damaged photo in Photoshop. Let's get started!Read More…