• Hand Lettering
    Hand Lettering: A Project From Start to Finish2015 04 finalproject comparisonkills thumbnail
    Within this tutorial, you'll put to use everything you've learned over the past six tutorials in the series: everything from kerning to color, contrast, speed, angle, vectoring and everything else in between. We will be applying all of your acquired knowledge to develop a finished and polished piece of lettering.Read More…
  • Hand Lettering
    Hand Lettering: How to Stylize Your Letters2015 05 h previewimg
    Curious how to add certain effects and styling to your letterforms to bring them to the next level? Want to know how to form drop shadows, inline styling, decorations, chiseling, and more within Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop? Using previous typography knowledge, this tutorial will provide you with a step by step process to create unique additions to your letterforms to bring them to a more "finalized" state. Read More…
  • Hand Lettering
    Hand Lettering: How to Vector Your LetterformsNyc vectortutorial previewimg
    Vectoring custom typography sure is a challenge, right? Can't ever seem to get those smooth curves? Well, this tutorial, will provide you with an understanding of proper anchor point placement, bezier handle construction, and tons of tips and tricks to speed up your vectoring process.Read More…
  • Hand Lettering
    Hand Lettering: Mastering Brush-ScriptTutsplus brushlettering previewimage
    This brush-lettering tutorial will provide you with a deep understanding of proper brush techniques, tips, and editing process to develop your own unique brush-lettered script. Similar to script lettering, some techniques and characteristics you will learn are: color, contrast, kerning, rhythm, speed, angle, and many more.Read More…
  • Vector
    Design a Crazy Retro Poster with Quirky Lettering in Adobe IllustratorLettering poster yuzach tuts400
    In this tutorial we will create a crazy poster, illustrating a famous quote by Oscar Wilde – “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. We’ll apply various Warp Effects to create the elements easily. Learn to make a gentle grain effect to give our poster a vintage look and do some freehand lettering. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Drawing
    Mastering Calligraphy: Making Your Own FontMake your own font featured image
    In the final installment of Mastering Calligraphy, I'll go over the points you need to consider when creating your own font. Read More…