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  • Drawing Theory
    Don't Take It Personally: How to Make Critique Work for YouMake friends with critique prev
    Do you feel pressured by others to change your style? Do you get hurt by the opinions of others? Why?Read More…
  • Community Projects
    Community Project Showcase: Creative Selfies - Part ThreeSelfie preview part3
    Taking a look at Part Three of the Design & Illustration Creative Selfie Community Project here on Tuts+.Read More…
  • Inkscape
    Back to School: 28 Easy Inkscape TutorialsBack to school thumb
    School is just around the corner, so we'd better brush up on our Inkscape basics!Read More…
  • Community Projects
    Community Project Showcase: Creative Selfies—Part TwoCreative selfie part two
    Check out part two in the Design & Illustration Community Showcase for our Creative Selfie Project!Read More…
  • Interviews
    To The Point: An Interview With Shane SmithPreview
    An inside look at illustrator Shane Smith's life and work, detailing his years working for greeting card companies with licensed characters, what it takes to lead design on your own characters, and more.Read More…
  • Community Projects
    Community Project: Creative Selfie Showcase - Part OneSelfies preview partone
    Last month we asked you to join us in the first ever Design & Illustration Community Project where we had you submit creative selfies to get to know our readers! Read More…
  • Inspiration
    To the Point: An Interview with Joumana Medlej Preview
    Readers of drawing tutorials here on Tuts+ will be familiar with the artist I had the pleasure of interviewing today: Joumana Medlej, whose human anatomy tutorials cover all of the basics of figure drawing paired with the technical aspects of anatomy. Her body of work, however, is barely touched through those tutorials and fantastically varied. Get an inside look at her background, process, and perspective in the interview below.Read More…
  • Patterns
    35 Fantastic Pattern Tutorials on Tuts+Preview
    Over the years we've published dozens of pattern-related tutorials here on Tuts+. With Pattern Week coming to a close, we've rounded up 35 tutorials for your browsing and learning pleasure. Enjoy!Read More…
  • Inspiration
    Why Mouse Users Should Ditch Photoshop and Draw in IllustratorMousedrawing 400x400 fix
    Creating digitally gives amazing possibilities. You get so many colors, so many materials, every mistake can be fixed easily and it's all in a friendly, clean environment - you just need to turn off your computer afterwards. All these advantages are the reason why so many artists try their hands at Adobe Photoshop. This software, although so popular and powerful, is designed to work with a graphic tablet. Drawing with a mouse is possible, but it's hard, time consuming and very frustrating. On the other hand, there exists another product of the same company - Illustrator. And while Photoshop (and every other raster drawing software) favors tablet users, Illustrator doesn't mind creating with a mouse. Do you want to learn why?Read More…
  • Inspiration
    Interview With the Award-Winning Zombie StudioZombie studio preview400
    Zombie Studio is an advertising and illustration studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil that specializes in character design. In this interview, owner and creative director Paulo Garcia discusses what it took for a young design studio to make a big name for itself in the advertising industry.Read More…
  • Inspiration
    Interview With Illustrator Liran Szeiman1105 liran szeiman preview400
    Liran Szeiman is a talented digital artist from Spain with a unique style that fuses dark and cute elements into her illustrations. She has contributed her work to incredible art collectives like Hysterical Minds and is a frequent author here at Psdtuts+. In this interview, Liran discusses her journey as an illustrator and the importance of learning foundational art techniques.Read More…
  • News
    Video: Design Challenge #7 Review With Stephen Petrany1031 designchal7 preview400
    Last month for our latest Psdtuts+ Design Challenge, we asked you to create a spooky haunted house in Photoshop. Recently, Psdtuts+ editor Grant Friedman sat down for a Google+ Hangout to discuss a handful of the entries with community moderator, Melody Nieves, along with special guest and fellow Psdtuts+ author, Stephen Petrany. Let’s take a look! Read More…