Digital Painting

  • Paint Tool Sai
    How to Create a Trio of Magical Potions in Paint Tool SAIPotion all preview
    Do you like to play computer games? Have you ever wanted to become a game graphic artist? If you answered ‘yes’, this tutorial is exactly for you! Learn how to make simple yet stylish and colorful game icons, using basic tools in Paint Tool SAI. We’ll start with a blank page and go through the full process of making an icon for a casual game. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    7 Exercises to Improve Your Digital Painting SkillsPractice painting prev
    Practice makes perfect, but smart practice makes perfect much faster! I present you 7 enjoyable exercises that you can incorporate into your works to learn "by the way". Improve by creation!Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    An Introduction to Painting Realistic Hair in Adobe Photoshop Paintinghair preview
    How do you paint hair realistically? In this article, I'll show you how to paint several different hairstyles using layer blend modes in Adobe Photoshop. Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    How to Digitally Paint Shiny Metal Armor in Adobe PhotoshopPaint metal armor prev
    Paint realistic shiny metal in Adobe Photoshop using very basic tools. Featuring: black, steel, and gold metal. Read More…
  • Textures
    How to Create Organic Textures for the Scarecrow in Adobe PhotoshopSc thumbnail
    Make your scarecrow outstanding in his field with these texture tips for wood, straw and sack cloth! Read More…
  • Spirit Day
    How to Create a Furry, Purple Spirit Day Mascot in Adobe PhotoshopPaint purple fur prev
    Learn how to paint a cute furry creature digitally, using interesting tricks to color it quickly and efficiently.Read More…
  • Illustration
    Learn How to Improve Your Digital Illustrations in 10 Easy StepsImprove digital illustrations preview
    In this article, we'll break down the ten easy ways to improve your technique for better digital illustrations. Read More…
  • Cartoon
    How to Draw, Ink and Colour a Cartoon Car in Adobe PhotoshopCar tutorial preview
    Creating cartoon versions of real-life objects can allow people to do the craziest things with perhaps the most basic designs and explore their creativity to no end! Cars are no exception to this way of working, and many zany ideas have been concocted over the years. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple cartoon car so you too can create your own twisted rendition of your favourite auto!Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    How to Remove Lines From a Drawing: Convert a Drawing Into a Digital PaintingLineless painting prev
    You may be good at drawing, but painting without lines is a different thing. In this tutorial I'll show you how to use your drawing skills to turn a piece of line art into a beautiful, lineless painting. We'll also face the problem from your childhood—how to draw/paint expressively without crossing the lines?Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Quick Tip: Layer Mask vs. the Eraser Tool in Adobe PhotoshopEraser vs layer mask prev
    If you've ever wished that Photoshop had an anti-eraser tool to bring back the parts of your drawing you've erased by accident, I've got good news for you. Maybe it's not called an "anti-eraser", but it works exactly like this!Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    New Course: Digital Portrait Painting in Adobe PhotoshopPortrait
    Have you ever wanted to paint yourself or a friend, but struggled with making your paintings look like them? Digital Portrait Painting in Adobe Photoshop tackles the often intimidating topic of digital portraiture head on. In this course, Melody Nieves will take you along this creative journey in painting two beautiful digital portraits, with one in color and the other in black and white. Read More…
  • Fan Art
    Create Stunning "Iron Man" Fan Art From Scratch in PhotoshopIronmanpreview
    In this tutorial we will explain how to create stunning "Iron Man" fan art in Photoshop using digital painting techniques.Read More…
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