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    How to Create a Pastel Painted Landscape in Adobe Photoshop33 landscape digital painting final400
    Nature is the most inexhaustible source of inspiration! Follow me in this tutorial and let’s make a dedication to the beauty of nature by painting a lovely cartoon landscape in Adobe Photoshop, using default brushes with textured edges, creating a pastel drawing effect. We’ll start with a blank page and go through the full process of creating our sketch, enlivening it with colors, and filling our artwork with details. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    New Course: Creature Design in Adobe PhotoshopCreaturedesigncoursepic
    In our new course, you'll learn to create a fantasy creature in Photoshop, from sketch/concepts to final production.Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    How to Incorporate Selection Tools Into Your Workflow in Adobe PhotoshopSelectiontools preview
    A continuation of the Digital Painting 101 series. In today's quick tip, learn about Selection Tools and the different ways you can use these tools to paint quickly and efficiently in Adobe Photoshop.Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    Digital Painting 101: Using Texture Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopTexturebrush preview
    A continuation of the Digital Painting 101 series. Today we'll teach you the basics of painting with texture brushes in Adobe Photoshop, and the difference between using textures and regular standard brushes. Read More…
  • Animation
    How to Create Animation Assets in Adobe PhotoshopMuffet article preview
    Learn how to set up Photoshop documents for easy transition to Adobe After Effects for animation!Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    Harness the Elements: Paint Fire in All Its FormsPaint fire prev
    Learn how to use Photoshop tools creatively to render various forms of flames, fire, and lava without painting them in a traditional way or using stock images.Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    Quick Tip: Improve Your Digital Paintings With Adjustment Layers in Adobe PhotoshopAdjustmentlayers preview
    In today's lesson of Digital Painting 101, we'll cover Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop. Learn how you can improve overall color impact and intensity quickly and easily. Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    The Secret to Realistic Painting: How to Master ValueValues preview
    Are your colors lifeless when you're painting in grayscale first? Or maybe they're garish and mismatched when you paint without grayscale? Do you wonder why some pictures, though very sloppy and chaotic, look far more realistic than your refined, detailed pieces? It's all based on one thing—value.Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    Quick Tip: Painting With Layer Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop Blendmodes preview
    In today's quick tip for our Digital Painting 101 series, you'll learn about Layer Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop and how you can use these settings to achieve incredible effects for your future digital paintings. Read More…
  • Game Design
    New Course: Environment Concept Art for GamesConceptart
    In this course, concept artist and game designer Jonathan Lam will teach you how to paint environment concept art for video games. The course will take you through a step-by-step process of learning how to paint and design in Adobe Photoshop. Topics covered will include composition, value, painting with colour, lighting effects, and shape language.Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    How to Paint a Dapper Victorian Cat in Adobe PhotoshopDappercat preview
    Even cats can be hipsters. Inspired by the portraiture of the Victorian era, today's tutorial will show you how to paint your very own dapper cat using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Pen Tablet. Read More…
  • Portrait
    Learn to Paint Beautiful Realistic Lips in Adobe PhotoshopLipstut prev
    Ever wished you could draw the perfect pair of sweet, beautiful lips? Now you can, with this tutorial and Photoshop!Read More…