Character Design

  • Character Design
    Create a Friendly, Futuristic Robot in Affinity Designer301 robot affinity body400
    In this tutorial we’ll go time travelling into the future and create a friendly, futuristic robot in Affinity Designer. We’ll be using simple shapes to create the base of our robot and applying gradients and transparencies to make the elements more realistic and three-dimensional. Finally, we’ll finish up by making some parts of our robot glow. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Autumn
    How to Create an Autumn Composition With a Sparrow in Adobe IllustratorPreview400
    The sparrow is a perky little bird, resident of cities around the world. Let’s create this adorable little feathery creature together.Read More…
  • Character Design
    How to Create a Trio of Cute Pencil Characters in Adobe IllustratorDiana pencil characters tut preview
    Want more character design? Here is how to create cute pencil characters in Adobe Illustrator.Read More…
  • Fantasy
    How to Design and Draw a Realistic Female WarriorDrawimng female armor prev
    Are you sick of the steel bikinis of fantasy warrior girls? In this tutorial I'll show you how to design armor for a female knight—functional and feminine at the same timeRead More…
  • Autumn
    Create a Сute Raccoon Character in Adobe IllustratorPreview
    In this tutorial you'll learn to create a cute raccoon character using basic shapes and borrowing some elements from a previous tutorial.Read More…
  • Fan Art
    Fly, My Pretty! How to Draw a Winged Monkey Step by StepWinged monkey prev
    Draw a mixed animal creature step by step. Learn how to prepare for this kind of drawing, and what to do to create a 3D pose of a creatureRead More…
  • Character Design
    Create the Wicked Witch of the West in Adobe IllustratorFabulous%20witch%20400x277final
    "I'll Get You My Pretty" has taken on a whole new meaning in this tutorial. The Wicked Witch of the West now dons a stylish collection of haute couture clothing to be rivaled only by her fabulously evil attitude. Join me in a maddening ride through form and color as we create a stunning witch and her entourage of flying monkeys. Read More…
  • Textures
    How to Create Organic Textures for the Scarecrow in Adobe PhotoshopSc thumbnail
    Make your scarecrow outstanding in his field with these texture tips for wood, straw and sack cloth! Read More…
  • Fan Art
    How to Create a Chibi Lollipop and Lullaby Munchkin in Adobe IllustratorLullaby052
    Represent the Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League with this cute illustration tutorial. We'll work together with a sketch, build up solid shapes, create line art, render our illustration, and create a simple background worthy of Oz itself. Journey over the rainbow for this super-cute chibi-style tutorial!Read More…
  • Fan Art
    Use the Warp Tool to Create a Furry "Toto" in Adobe IllustratorPreview 01%20400
    Let’s create our beloved little puppy character from the novel, "Wizard of Oz,” Toto. Stay up to date and check out other tutorials dedicated to this famous children's story!Read More…
  • Spirit Day
    How to Create a Furry, Purple Spirit Day Mascot in Adobe PhotoshopPaint purple fur prev
    Learn how to paint a cute furry creature digitally, using interesting tricks to color it quickly and efficiently.Read More…
  • Character Design
    How to Design a Quick, Quirky Character in Adobe IllustratorPreview
    Character design sounds like a difficult process at first, but it really can be simple and fun. In this small tutorial I will show you how to create a simple character using basic shapes.Read More…
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