Case Study

  • Envato Remix
    Envato Remix Winner Case Study: BlercBlercpreview
    Envato Remix asks you to modify, add to or remove elements from a file presented to the community. From the submissions, three winners are selected by a team of five judges from Tuts+, Envato Market and Envato Studio. In the first of a series of articles, I'd like to introduce you to Thanos, aka Blerc, and his Runner Up winning entry based on "visual bombardment" and featuring a very famous Australian landmark. Read More…
  • Case Study
    Envato Remote Staff Infographic: A Case StudyPreview
    A few weeks ago I pulled together an infographic to highlight some facts and figures regarding Envato's Remote Staff. Let's take a look at some of the decision making, workflow and techniques that went into making it.Read More…
  • Case Study
    Illustrating a Series of Application IconsPreview
    Infinite Skills is a software company that develops learning materials for people to enhance their knowledge of a variety of applications, from industry software to commonplace word processing programs. Infinite Skills approached me to create a series of application icons that will accompany their software. Needless to say, with my insatiable appetite for icon design and branding it was game on!Read More…
  • Case Study
    The Making of an "ELITE" IdentityPreview
    Deep down inside every designer loves a good ol' fashion logo. In-fact, as a kid you probably redrew the Nike or Lacoste logo over and over, just for fun. Or was that just me? So when a start-up business owner of an athletic training company approached me to help with their identity I was super excited about the opportunity. In this case study I will cover the process that I went through to the create the logo as well as a few of the identity pieces.Read More…
  • Case Study
    Creating the ABC Animals iPad ApplicationPreview
    ABC Animals is a fun and engaging application that teaches kids how to write letters. My client, a savvy developer who had done other apps in the past, came to me with an existing concept for this application. ABC Animals for the iPhone had already been produced and my client was looking to migrate this concept over to the iPad. With increased visual real estate and a rapidly increasing interest in the device, this application is ideally suited for the iPad. This article details the process of creating the design for this application.Read More…
  • Case Study
    Discussion: What Type of Computer do you use for Design?Preview
    Mac 'vs' PC, 'vs' Linux, 'vs' Mobile Device... Is the competition really worth it? In the past, "Computer A is better than Computer B" may have been a fair argument, but with multi platform graphics applications and more power in a mobile phone than a room full of vintage computers, is there really an ideal machine for Graphic Designers? Read on and share your thoughts with the Vectortuts+ community.Read More…
  • Case Study
    Creating Debut Album Art for If I Were A Mountain...Preview
    The Debut album of If I Were A Mountain... entitled "Dreams Are For Their Dreamers," is an introspective EP that takes a dive into the dream world and molds it into a melody that soothes and transports the listener. This article details the process I took when creating the album art.Read More…
  • Case Study
    Realistic Vector Motorcycle PortraitsPreview
    Every semester, in my Illustrator classes, my students always want to know how I create the Motorcycle Portraits I am known for. I often give them a brief explanation, but I have never really sat down and described the process in detail...until now. My approach to getting a "realistic" look in my work is a bit tedious, but I think you will agree that the end results are well worth it. Enjoy!Read More…
  • Case Study
    Ace Hotel Wall MuralsPreview
    As a designer, I feel it's always a good idea to take on new and challenging projects when the opportunities present themselves. The way you solve problems and adapt to different situations is a big part of what defines you as a designer. For example, when I was approached by Ace Hotel in NYC to do a series of murals that would cover multiple walls of some of their hotel rooms, I jumped at the chance... even though at the time I had no earthly idea how I was going to do it. I figured out a way though and now I use some of the techniques I developed for this project in other design projects, especially when I need to create hand made or illustrated typography.Read More…
  • Case Study
    Product Development and Design Process, Powww! Zing! Bamm!Preview
    Hello, my name is Adam Clark and I am a product designer for the gift and home décor market. For the past six years, I have designed and developed products that have been sold nationwide in many well-known retail stores. Many of my friends and fellow designers always ask me what exactly do I design and how do I do it? So follow me as I explain what is involved in the product development and design process.Read More…
  • Case Study
    The Making of a Chocolate Bar CharacterPreview
    Thought some of you might like to see my process for designing a character. This one is filled with cocoa love and chocolaty goodness. I'll take the concept from sketch through to vector final. You'll learn the process of making a fun loving character based on a clear concept. Also, a quick warning - you may be overcome by the urge to consume copious amounts of chocolate by reading this, but fortunately it's all part of the creative process.Read More…
  • Case Study
    Creating a Collection of Quirky CaricaturesPreview
    Last November we decided to round off the Tuts+ year with a bang; a huge giveaway (96 prizes, no less) to reward all the loyal Tuts+ readers. We felt it was a good opportunity to get visitors browsing the content on each and every one of the Tuts+ sites and it was high time the readers got to know who they were dealing with. We would release a series of caricatures; one of Skellie, one of Collis, one of each editor, plus some of the support and development team members. The job of producing these caricatures fell to me, and suddenly I was given the opportunity to create ridiculous drawings of all my Envato colleagues and make enemies of each one of them.Read More…