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  • Brushes
    Create Your Own Grunge Brushes in Adobe Photoshop025
    Create custom grunge brushes from photos, scanned resources, or from scratch in Adobe Photoshop!Read More…
  • Illustration
    Create a Fur Texture, Family Badger Scene in Adobe IllustratorBadgerpreview
    In the following tutorial, I'm going to show you how to use a sketch from a previous tutorial to create a cute little badger family in Adobe Illustrator.Read More…
  • Vector
    Design a CD Cover in Low-Polygonal Grungy Style in Adobe IllustratorCd cover template for front400 277
    In this tutorial we’ll go through a process of creation of a stylish CD cover. Modern graphic style and simplicity make a perfect cover design, which is easily recognized among others. We will try out a so popular low-polygonal style and give our cover a unique grungy look with the help of Adobe Illustrator artistic brushes. Read More…
  • Adobe Illustrator
    Create a Dandelion in Adobe Illustrator Using Two Custom BrushesDandelionprev
    In this screencast, you'll learn how to create two different types of custom brushes, and use those to quickly draw a dandelion silhouette.Read More…
  • Brushes
    Exclusive Freebie Pack – 25 Ink BrushesPreview
    Ink droplets are probably one of the coolest types of Photoshop brushes. Mostly because of how intricate they look in use. They are created when you drop ink into water and then photograph them. Today, we have a set of 25 ink brushes to give away for free. Feel free to use them in your designs.Read More…
  • Brushes
    Exclusive Brush Pack – 15 Wicked WingsPreview
    Photoshop brushes are a popular type of resource because they can be used to not only apply an effect to a graphic but also as clip art as well. Today, we are giving away a set of 15 Photoshop brushes that can be used to easily add wings to your designs. Download this set of brushes and use them in your next design for free!Read More…
  • Brushes
    Exclusive Freebie Pack – 25 Grunge BrushesPreview
    Photoshop brushes are a popular tool that designers use to apply an effect to a graphic. Brushes can be used for digital painting or even to distress text or logos. This set of 25 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes is our little treat to the readers of this website and can be used to grunge up your designs in whatever way you need for free!Read More…
  • Brushes
    5 High Resolution Abstract BrushesPreview
    Abstract brushes can often be a quick and easy solution to adding an interesting effect to a graphic without spending a whole lot of time on it. This set of 5 high resolution abstract brushes from FortyWinks may be just what you need for your next project. Download this free set and see them for yourself.Read More…
  • Brushes
    WG Watercolor Brushes Vol1Wgwatercolor 200
    Compatible: Photoshop CS3Size: 2000 px to 2000 pxLicense: Free for commercial use. Redistribution is prohibited. Read More…
  • Tools & Tips
    Photoshop Brush Tool: A Basic GuidePreview
    This time I've got for you a really basic guide, which is useful for beginners and people interested in learning a little bit more deeply the power of Photoshop's Brush Tool. Every single Photoshop user has dealt with the brush tool at least once, but not everyone knows how to explode its full potential. In this guide, you'll learn how to use the brush presets, create your own brush from scratch and modify its properties, play with blend modes and pressure controls, besides some useful tricks. How much do you know about Photoshop's Brushes?Read More…
  • Brushes
    16 Hi-Res Splatter BrushesPreview
    Compatible: Photoshop CSSize: 2500 px to 2500 pxLicense: Creative CommonsRead More…
  • Brushes
    Hi-Res Spray-Paint Photoshop BrushesSpraypaintsetlittepreview
    Compatible: Photoshop CS3Size: 2398px-2500 pxLicense: Free for personal and commercial work. No attribution required.Read More…