• Brushes
    How to Create Custom Water Splash Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopPreviewshot
    Get wet as you learn how to capture your own water splash images to use as custom brushes in Photoshop.Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Quick Tip: Painting With Hard vs. Soft Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopHardsoftbrush preview
    In today's quick tip we learn more about painting with the Brush Tool in Photoshop. Discover the difference between working with Hard vs. Soft Brushes and the benefits of each technique.Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    Quick Tip: How to Blend With the Brush Tool for Digital PaintingsBrushblending preview2
    A continuation of the Digital Painting 101 series. In today's lesson, we'll show you the most important technique to learn for digital paintings, blending with the Brush Tool.Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    How to Apply Custom Shattered Glass Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopPreviewimage
    Punch through a pane of glass with our custom shattered glass brushes! All without the risk of personal injury.Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    Digital Painting 101: Get to Know the Brush PanelBrushpanel preview
    Are you new to digital painting? Today we're going to go over basic features in the Brush panel to introduce you to this incredible medium. Learn the essentials before becoming a master, or use these tips to refresh your memory.Read More…
  • Photo Manipulation
    How to Create Realistic Water Drop Reflections in Adobe PhotoshopDroppreview
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to use the custom water drop brushes to create a realistic photo manipulation of rain drops on a window.Read More…
  • Apparel Design
    Design an Eye-Catching Hamsa T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator00 preview hamsa tshirt sketch by miss chatz
    Here's an easy tutorial to help you create your own Hamsa T-shirt, for good luck and to fight off evil eyes. Who can say ‘no’ to more luck in their lives!Read More…
  • Brushes
    How to Create Custom Shattered Glass Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopPreviewimage
    Find out how to safely create custom shattered glass brushes in Photoshop for some smashing design ideas!Read More…
  • Brushes
    How to Create Custom Water Drop Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopPreviewimage
    See how to easily capture water drop images and transform them into custom brushes in Photoshop to give some splash to your artwork.Read More…
  • Brushes
    How to Create Custom Smoke Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopPreviewimage2
    Smoke trails are elegant, beautiful, and amazing to watch. Thin wisps of smoke dancing through the air reveal just how fluid our atmosphere really is. The effect is deceptively simple, and the dynamics of it are dizzyingly complex. Recreating believable smoke in a digital environment is no easy task. However, capturing the practical effect is a much easier prospect. In this quick tip, I'll share a technique that I use to create stunningly beautiful custom smoke brushes in Photoshop.Read More…
  • Brushes
    How to Make Your Own Watercolor Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopPreview
    Creating custom watercolor brushes is as easy as dripping ink or watercolor paint onto paper. You will have custom, ready-to-paint brushes in no time thanks to this simple tutorial. Download the attached watercolor scans and follow the steps to create your own set of drippy, splashy, and splattered brushes.Read More…
  • Brushes
    Create Custom Coffee Ring Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopPreviewimage2
    Coffee rings are a special type of grunge effect that tends to turn accidents into elements. The fluid nature of the effect makes it difficult to reproduce digitally in a realistic manner. Fortunately, they are really easy to create practically, almost unavoidable even! Find out how to create, capture, digitize and use your very own Coffee Ring brushes!Read More…
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