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Tuts+ Premium Pack - Realistic Vector Textures


Today we have a unique Tuts+ Premium Pack, which is created by Iaroslav Lazunov and Sergii Korolko. It’s filled with 10 high quality vector textures. There are wood, papyrus, parchment, sacking, leather, coffee, cork, marble, melon and so on. Each is completely vector, available in AI and EPS formats. Log in or Join Now to get this exclusive download. Learn more at the jump!

New Tuts+ Premium Pack

There are 10 vector textures in this pack. The license allows you to use these vectors in your designs, see the download file for details. They can be scaled to any size and colored any way you choose, as these are all vector (in EPS and AI formats)!


This new Vector Premium Pack is created by Iaroslav Lazunov. He's written numerous high quality vector tutorials for us and we're excited to partner up with him on this exclusive Tuts+ Premium Pack release!


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