The Top 10 Psd Premium Tutorials of All Time


Psd Premium launched in late February 2008. Since then we've added dozens of tutorials for Premium members and hundreds of Psd source files. Over 6,000 members have formed our unique Premium community.

Psd Premium tutorials have been some of the best on the site, and in this post, we highlight the 10 most popular Psd Premium tutorials of all time, based on traffic, number of downloads, and comments. There may be a few here you've never seen before!

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Here are the top 10 Psd Premium tutorials of all time!

1. Demolition Made Easy in Photoshop

Tomasz Opasinski learned the techniques he shares in this tutorial while designing the movie posters for blockbuster movie I Am Legend. The techniques used to create decaying and dilapidated buildings are useful tools for any Photoshop artist, but a must-have if you're interested in post-apocalyptic landscapes or sci-fi war scenes.

Psd Plus Tutorial

2. SOSFactory Style Mascot Design in Photoshop

Sergio Ordóñez breaks down his workflow for cutting edge mascot design in Photoshop. Sergio is a legend in the digital art community and shares dozens of battle-worn tips for creating memorable mascot characters in Photoshop. He walks you through the creation of a kick-butt boardrider mascot of your own.

Psd Plus Tutorial
Psd Plus Tutorial

3. How to Create a Retro Metal 3D Design

Barton Damer is a master of the retro-futuristic style that is currently making huge waves in the design community, also pioneered by the likes of Sakke Soini. Here you'll learn how to apply worn vintage effects to a classic retro-futuristic image.

Psd Plus Tutorial

4. Design Cool Game Graphics Using Displacement Maps

Mark Mayers walks you through the process of designing a realistic video game cover in C4D and Photoshop. The cover would be at home on the shelf in any game shop. Designing video game covers would be a dream gig for many designers and this tutorial will help get you there!

Psd Plus Tutorial

5. Using Typography from PS to Create a 3D Text Render in C4D

Miguel Santana da Silva shows you how to create chunky 3D text in C4D, a style that is extremely popular in advertising and graphic design at the moment. In the second part of this tutorial you will learn how to add 3D figures and colorful splashes to your typographic work.

6. How to Make 3D Neon Light Typography

Alex Beltechi is a Photoshop typography ninja. Here he demonstrates how to create an incredible realistic Neon-lights typography effect.

7. The Supercharged Beetle of Doom

Justin Maller is a well-known Photoshop artist with a very distinct style. Here he shows you how to recreate that style by creating a surrealistic and dark beetle design. You will learn a bevy of abstract photo manipulation techniques in this unique tutorial.

8. Adding Sparkle to Fashion Photography

Mark Mayers teaches you how to add gorgeous and subtle geometric shapes to high-end fashion photography. This is the kind of technique often seen in modern print advertising and makes for practical application to real-life gigs and projects.

9. Designing a Family of Websites

Our very own Collis Ta'eed, founder of Tuts+ and one of the world's best web designers (though he'd never say that!) shows you how to design a family of Wordpress websites in this Premium tutorial. It's an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into the decision making process of a talented designer and learn some clever web design techniques to boot!

10. How to Create a Horrific Zombie Poster with Photoshop and 3D Renders

In this Halloween-themed tutorial Mark Mayers shows you how to create a an awesome CG-look movie poster for a classic Zombie film. You will learn how to work with 3D renders in Photoshop with professional ease.

Bonus: Top Psd Premium Brush Pack

These gorgeous line brushes have been the most popular of our many exclusive brush packs for Premium members. They are extremely versatile and many of our happy users have raved about them!

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Become a Premium member for one month ($19) to immediately download 45 Premium tutorials and brush packs, and 209 layered .Psd artworks and designs (one for every single tutorial on the site) - and counting. It will be the best investment you'll ever make in yourself as a designer and artist - we promise! If you disagree we are always happy to cover your costs with no fuss through our 100% money-back guarantee.

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