The Final Stretch of the AudioJungle Wallpaper Contest!


It's here, the final few days to get your entries in for the AudioJungle Wallpaper Design contest. This months prizes are great, participation is high, and the competition is fierce. This Monday will be the last day to get your entry in. Also, thank you to everyone who has submitted contest ideas. It will greatly help with coming up with a killer contest for next month.

Get Your Entries in Now

We have over 150 images submitted in this month's AudioJungle Wallpaper Design contest. Also, the quality of submissions are really high; the competition is fierce. Check out the entries submitted so far at this link.

There are only a few days left in the contest. If you would like to review the over $1500 in cash and prizes, or the contest rules, visit this link. The last day to enter the contest is this Monday June 30th, 2008. So, don't miss the deadline, as it's approaching fast. Good luck to everybody! Also, keep in mind, it will take us a few days to decide on the winners, probably 4-5 days. Some recent contest entries are shown below.

Thank you to Everyone Who Submitted Contest Ideas

We've received some great responses from the community to the post What Do You Think Would Make a Great Psdtuts+ Contest? Thank you to everyone who has participated. We've amassed a collection of great ideas for the next contest and future contests here on Psdtuts+.

I'm still working on sorting through all the great ideas, but following are a few concepts that caught my eye already:

  • Design something for the Psdtuts+ site or community. Tom Ross mentions a contest idea based on the most creative way to promote the Psdtuts+ community. He mentions things like designing Psdtuts+ T's, Creative Blogging strategies, or something that promotes Psdtuts+ in some way. A few people mentioned redesigning elements of the Psdtuts+ website, creating Psdtuts+ Banners, creating a wallpaper for Psdtuts+, and other design elements tied into the site as well. Also, we're going to be launching a Wiki soon. Designing something for that would be fun!
  • A few people mentioned a contest where we limit resources that you can use to create a design. It was mentioned that we could make certain stock resources available for everyone to work with. This is a cool concept because everyone is limited with their ingredients. It would make for a really competitive contest.
  • A few people mentioned different web design contests. Some of the suggestions were based on themes, like creating clean corporate web templates. Other suggestions involved redesigning actual sites, creating Psdtuts+ Wordpess themes, Zen Garden style contest, and others. These suggestions bring up ways we could combine a contest with Nettuts in the future.
  • We had a few people mention different ways to focus a contest on creating Psdtuts+ tutorials. Jerry comments that, "The best tut, that shows pure awesomeness, wins!" Other commenters mention how this would generate a lot of great tutorials for the site. So, even some of those that don't win might still be good candidates for publishing on Psdtuts+. Matt Radel mentions organizing this Top Tut contest tournament style. This is interesting because a big part of the success of a contest like this would be organizing it well.

These are only some of the great ideas presented. They are shown here to give you a sample of the quality of responses we've been receiving. We haven't decided the next contest yet, and we are open to more suggestions. You can still leave comments on any contest ideas you have in the comments below, or you can comment in the post referenced above.

It's really cool to see so much participation and discussion about upcoming contests. Also, if anyone is interested in some of the mechanics of running a design contest online, check out a post I wrote on my blog AiBURN titled A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Successful Design Contest Online. It's written it to help design blogs run successful design contests. Though feel free to leave suggestions there about how I can improve the running of the Psdtuts+ contests, as I hope to improve each contest that we run here.


We thank our sponsors for supporting this contest. The sponsors are listed below.



PSD Chopstick

New Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor the next Psdtuts+ contest then let us know. We'll consider adding you to the list. Let us know what you have to offer as a prize to members of Psdtuts+. Think of things that digital artists or designers could utilize. Use our Contact Form to let us know.

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