Solving Poverty Badges & Tees for Sale - BAD08 Comp Winners


Today and tomorrow - depending on where you are in the world - it's Blog Action Day 2008 and I'm happy to announce the "Solving Poverty" contest badges and tees are up for sale on CafePress. All proceeds from the sales will be sent to Kiva as loans for entrepreneurs in developing nations.

The CafePress Store

The buttons and tees are available over at a CafePress store set up specially for these badges and tees. Badges are $5 and Tees are $25 - after CafePress' costs $2 and $7 goes to charity.

Visit the CafePress Store and Grab a Badge.

The Winners and Honourable Mentions

A Big Thank You!

So first of all a big thank you to all the designers and artists who contributed work, it was tough choosing winners - especially as I sorta left it kinda close to the last minute so thank you to everyone who responded and sent through the right artwork!

I'm sending out a set of emails and Flickrmails to all 13 finalists to arrange for you all to open Kiva accounts to make your loans! Having done some loaning on behalf of Envato, I must admit it's actually quite fun and after a while they generally get paid back and you can loan the money out again.

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