A Look at the SlashThree Collective


If you’ve been a reader of this website, you’re probably well aware of the SlashThree Art Collective. Their members have been the focus of several interviews and have written many tutorials for our site. Today, we decided to dig a bit deeper into some of SlashThree’s 4-year history and present a list of some of our favorite pieces from that time. Let’s take a look!

It was started as a simple discussion forum where artists could freely talk and get away from the average art forum vibe.

Transfer Lightning by Alexander Lataille

New Frontier by Ed Lopez

Victorian by Anthony Harmon

The Creator by Roy Bourkel

The Puppet Master's New Love by Sorin Bechira

Survival Vs. Intelligence by Zach Bush

Tale Of The Hidden Orchid by Erik Schumacher

Gloom by Anton Semenov

Se Fondre by Nicolas Monin-Baroille

1.618 by Anthony Harmon

How is SlashThree set apart from other collectives?

One major component separating us from the other collectives is the level of enthusiasm and dedication. The energy is palpable, we're hungry. It feels like we finally have a rock solid staff in place who recognize the potential of the group, and who are passionate about taking it to the next level.

We're feeding off of one another, sharing ideas and following through with them. We're in the process fleshing out some really innovative concepts and I can't wait for them take shape. It’s an exciting time. I wish I could say more, but for now keep an eye on our Twitter and Website for updates.

Beautiful Decay by Anthony Giacomino & Ola Gilen Rysamb

Black Dream by Anton Semenov

AIN SVP AVR by Aiden Kohl

Nature Lover by Nicolas Monin-Baroille

Bloodnatt by Erik Schumacher

Balance of Life by Wojciech Magierski

Couleur Espace by Saad Moosaje

Medusa by Przemek Nawrocki

Namazu by Diego L. Rodriguez

Destroy by Adrian Romero

What are the most important goals you're attempting to achieve?

It's safe to say the goals of the collective have changed significantly since its inception, and I suspect they will continue to do so in the years to come. As the collective matures, the tone of the group has become more and more serious. A good percentage of our artists are working as full time industry professionals at this point, so the focus of the collective has shifted in order to facilitate those changes. We are working to develop new avenues of exposure, sponsorship, and participation with high caliber contests and events.

A recent milestone was being offered the distinct honor of presenting at this years OFFF (Online Flash Film Festival) in Barcelona. It was both humbling and encouraging for the collective as a whole. I think for some of the artists it was also validation that the collective and their contributions to it aren't going unnoticed. In a broad sense our main objective is to just keep doing what we do. Building friendships, improving our skills, and finding new ways to give back to the community that shows us so much love.

From The Deep Into The Sky by Sorin Bechira

Divine Boundaries by Wojciech Magierski

Fade by Marco Casalvieri

Ive Met Her Before by Ola Gien Rysamb

Meaning by Murat Pak

Special Thanks

Id like to give a special thanks once again to Street
and Anthony Harmon  for helping me put together this look at SlashThree. Make sure to stay up to date with S3 by following them on Twitter for constant site updates.

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