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Resources: 400+ Foliage Vectors


You can never have enough vector resources, especially when it comes to foliage elements such as leaves, branches and floral patterns. They can be used in so many different design projects, from minimalistic and elegant wedding invitations to dark and grungy concert posters. It's for this reason, we have rounded up a collection of almost 400 individual vector resources, including vector packs, brush packs, seamless patterns and frames. Enjoy!

Free Foliage Vector Resources

The following collection consists of free resources from all over the web, most of which can be used in personal and commercial uses. Please read each pack's terms and conditions - although they are all similar, they can be different!

Foliage Vectors (8 Vectors)

Foliage Ornaments (13 Vectors)

Lafkon Aurlandps (12 Vectors)

Dead Flowers (12 Vectors)

Foliage Ornaments (7 Vectors)

Spring Vector (3 Vectors)

Foliage Resource (1 Vector)

Save The Planet (1 Vector)

Leaves (4 Vectors)

Vector Flowers (1 Vector)

Flower Vector (1 Vector + Brushes)

Flowers (3 Vectors)

Floral Decorative Ornaments (5 Vectors)

Aloha Seamless Patterns (2 Vectors)

Eyes of Miice (1 Vector)

China Dream (1 Vector)

Ecology Vector (21 Vectors)

Ornaments (25 Vectors)

Foliage (16 Vector Brushes)

Flower Decoration (1 Vector)

Teardrop Foliage (12 Vector Brushes)

Garden Symbols (19 Vectors)

Swirly Curly Leafy Florals (10 Vectors)

Mycanthus Pack (5 Art Brushes & 5 Scatter Brushes)

Foliages (7 Vectors)

Going "Green" with Leaves (36 Vectors)

Leafy Pod (15 Vectors)

The Flower Tree (1 Vector)

Ecology 4 (90 Vectors)

Curly Leaves (4 Vectors)

Premium Foliage Vector Resources

This great collection of premium vector resources allow you to support the illustrator that created them while improving your designs. Premium resources aren't as common as free ones, so the benefit of buying your files is immeasurable. The packs featured below range from 3-5 dollars, they really are an incredibly cost-effective way to get things done quicker!

Abstract Floral Background ($3 - 1 Vector)

Abstract Floral Background ($3 - 1 Vector)

Abstract Floral Background ($3 - 1 Vector)

Seamless Floral Pattern ($3 - 1 Vector)

Floral Background in Vibrant Shades ($3 - 1 Vector)

Floral Background in Vibrant Shades ($3 - 1 Vector)

Natural Decorative Elements ($4 - 12 Vectors)

Two Green Leaves ($3 - 2 Vectors)

Set of Tree Symbols ($3 - 5 Vectors)

Strawberry ($4 - 1 Vector)

Floral Frame ($3 - 1 Vector)

Floral Design Elements ($5 - 6 Vectors)

Seamless Autumn Pattern with Leaves ($3 - 1 Vector)

Flower Background in Green ($4 - 1 Vector)

Floral Background in Vibrant Shades ($3 - 1 Vector)

Floral Background Design Pattern ($3 - 1 Vector)

Floral Background in Vibrant Beautiful Shades ($4 - 1 Vector)

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