Psdtuts+ May Contest Update


The end of the month is nearing. Now is the time to plan and execute that contest winning design. The competition is nearing the pinnacle of its dramatic arch. Also, we present some great selections of new contest entries. Let's check them out!

Great New Contest Entries and the Clock is Ticking—Tick Toc

The Psdtuts+ Flickr group will be entering it's final week shortly. The month ends next Saturday. So, the time to turn in those entries is winding down. Get yours in on time! Good luck!

Collis and I are working out the details for the next contest. It will likely be announced after the winners from this contest are chosen at the end of the month. It's looking like a cool and fun contest for next month though.

There are some great new entries into the May competition. Lots of ranges of styles, themes, and great polished images. We've got an unraveling break dancer, a fire dragon, a cartoonish nuclear explosion test site, and more. Check out some great entries below.

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