Night of the Living Dead: Zombie Art to Inspire You


Everyone loves a good zombie movie, book or image and illustrators are no exception. This set of inspirational zombie pictures is mostly vector with some raster images thrown into the mix. This set is also broken into two distinct categories, comical and gruesome. So, no matter what style you're into there's sure to be a zombie for you!

Tasteful Zombies

These zombies are as pleasing to the eye as a zombie can be. They are the clean, stylized versions and far from scary version of what a zombie would actually look like. To get more tasty zombie art, check out these vector zombies.

Zombie Squirrel

by Andreas Krapf

Eternal Exercise

by Glenn Jones

Zombie Space Cowboy

by Bob Canada

bianca barnett zombie illustration

by bohakgraphics

Zombie Bunny

by Aleksandra Marchocka

2009 Calendar-July

by Derek Ring

Arm Off Zombie

by Jesse Sanz

Zombie Mom

by Jesse Sanz

Officer Down!

by Jesse Sanz

Zombie Boy

by Jesse Sanz


by mani.fester


by craig.stanford

Frankenstein's monster

by Derek Ring


by Herman Plasencia

Mega Zombie Poster

by stevechanks

Zombie B-Ball

by Herman Plasencia


by Noah Kroese

Freak badge

by Keuj

[TAG] Zombie

by Jira Jiramakorn

zombie girl and her zombie dog

by Anna Luther

Halloween Stuff

by Vince Chui

Mr. Zombie

by cuson

Tar Zombie Loev Brains

by Coelasquid

Zombie Kitten Eating Yeti

by Jeremy Packer

Gruesome, realistic/detailed Zombies

This group of images shows every gruesome detail of the flesh eating creatures. These are the disgusting realistic detail that will make you cringe. Enjoy!


by Olli Hihnala

Zombies Attack Illustration

by Tony Moore

Zombie Jesus

by Olav Aasheim

Home Run

by Chow Hon Lam

Get A Life

by DASE Roman Sherbakov

Night of the Dead

by Mike Friedrich


by simon walter

The Howl Gig Poster

by Derek Ring

Mario Zombie Mushroom

by Michal Bogulski

Zombie Nose Picking Yeti

by Jeremy Packer

It's Toxic

by Vincent Rogel Africa


by Xythanon


by WyA


by CptFury


by raede

Zombie Meets Woodpecker

by Jeremy Packer

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