New Premium Tutorial - Create a "Time Machine" like Icon


I've just added a new Premium Members–only tutorial to Psdtuts+Plus written by the super-talented Fabio Sasso, on creating an icon similar to the new OSX Time Machine icon, drawing the image from scratch.

The tutorial is available as a PDF download with a sample PSD file, as well, through your regular Psdtuts+ Premium membership. Here's a full-size version of what you'll be making in the tutorial:

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If you're not already a member, you can join for $19 a month or $22 for three months, and you'll get access to sample PSD files for all the tutorials on Psdtuts+ as well as occasional bonus tutorials—like this one.

And by joining the program, you'll be helping support this awesome site and keep the tutorials flowing! If you're not a member, don't worry as we'll be providing plenty more great content that'll be freely available here on the site!

You can read about Psdtuts+ Plus and its benefits on our Join Psdtuts+ Premium page.

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