New Envato Site - AppStorm, the Mac Apps Blog


Back when I started out as a designer I used work on a Windows machine and somehow always felt like I wasn't a "real" designer because they all seemed to be on Macs. Eventually I made the switch, only to discover that it really is pretty much exactly the same - certainly a Mac does not a designer make! Nonetheless since jumping ship I've really started to enjoy the Mac aesthetic, culture and apps. So it's with great pleasure that I announce Envato's newest member of the family - AppStorm - the Mac Apps Blog!

AppStorm runs daily reviews, roundups and how-tos for getting more out of your favourite Mac apps. It's being edited by the rather aptly named David Appleyard who you may also know as the man behind the awesome Design Shack, as well as contributing editor at TheAppleBlog. David has plenty of great stuff planned already for the new site including a couple of giveaways for next week.

And because he's just so damn awesome, N.C. Winters is gracing us with another great weekly strip to add to his growing repertoire (Freelance Freedom & Creative License). This one is called MacTastik, and the first strip is up on the site today!

So if you're into Mac apps, head over, subscribe, follow the AppStorm Twitter Feed, download a wallpaper and enjoy the first of many new 2009 sites from Envato!

Quick GraphicRiver Update

Also a quick update on our upcoming GraphicRiver site. We've got the site up in what I call private, private beta - i.e. a few site managers and I are testing it out for bugs. Then next week we'll be emailing our beta invite list to come over and start uploading graphic awesomeness.

And after the success of Web Design Week late last year, I think GraphicRiver merits another intensive here at Psdtuts+, so look out for Graphic Photoshop Week or something along those lines :-)

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