New Course: Creating Vector Art


In this Tuts+ Premium course, illustrator Von Glitschka teaches you a professional workflow for Creating Vector Art. Over 12 lessons and 2.5 hours of total video, you'll get tips and techniques for sketching, using helpful plugins, Von's "Clockwork Method", working with shapes, using the pathfinder, layering heirarchy, coloring and detailing. If you're not yet a Tuts+ Premium member, now's the perfect time to give it a try - every membership comes with a 100% money-back promise. Become a member now to access the course, or learn more about Creating Vector Art after the jump!

Course Contents

  • Introduction
    The Process (6m 22s)

    A Solid Creative Foundation (29m 38s)
    Helpful Plugins (20m 10s)
    Think in Shapes (9m 32s)
    Pathfinder is Your Friend (10m 54s)
    Combining Methods (5m 40s)
    Layering Hierarchy (10m 10s)

    Balancing Base Colors (17m 58s)
    Detailing Part 1 (21m 34s)
    Detailing Part 2 (13m 48s)
    Detailing Part 3 (12m 26s)
    Final Touches (9m 29s)

The New Tuts+ Premium

The recently re-launched Tuts+ Premium is a service that provides top-tier training in a variety of creative fields. It includes a library of courses, $470 worth of educational eBooks, and 784 exclusive tutorials (and counting).

While we unfortunately can’t afford to provide the service for free, it’s only $19 a month – less than you’d spend on a couple of pizzas. I hope you’ll consider checking it out! In addition to learning a huge variety of new skills, it’s also a fantastic way to say thank you to Vectortuts+!

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