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My Favourite Photoshop Tutorial Sites (Besides Psdtuts+!)


As you know, we here at Psdtuts+ are absolutely and totally committed to being the best place for Photoshop junkies to click to. With that goal in mind, I try to keep an eye on all the other photoshop tutorial destinations around. Lately I've been coming across some really awesome sites - both old and new. This is great because it keeps us here at Psdtuts+ on our toes!

So today I thought I'd run a quick wrap up of all my favourite Photoshop tutorial sites, show you a few new places to bookmark, and hopefully send them all some extra traffic!

  • Tutorial9

    David Leggett and his team have been getting more and more impressive as the months go by over at Tutorial9. They launched at the beginning of the year and have one of the slickest sites around, with a great bit of branding and really useful tutorials. Definitely worth bookmarking!

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  • PS Hero

    I'm not really sure who the hero is in PS Hero because he doesn't have an about page that I can see, but with his tutorial awesomeness I'm sure he must have a cape and be wearing his underwear on the outside. Fabulous tutorials, awesome site.

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  • Tutzor

    Tutzor is super new and is mostly written by Constantin Potorac who you might recognize from a few Psdtuts+ tutorials! He's been posting some great work there, and I'm sure the site is going to continue to grow. Hopefully soon we'll steal Constantin back over to the dark side here at Psdtuts+ :-)

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  • PhotoshopStar

    Fellow Australian Eli has been running PhotoshopStar for 2 years (how's that for consistency!) and has done a fine job of it. He's got some great tutorials and also provides a good resource for keeping up to date with what's happening around the web.

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  • Tutorial Dog

    It's man's best friend for learning!! Devin Ross of TutorialDog is not only great at coming up with brand names, he's also a great tutorial writer. And we're looking forward to showcasing his talents over at NETTUTS very soon!

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  • More Sites

    A few other noteworthy sites to visit:



    Worth1000's Tutorial Section

    Digital Grin


    Visit our Resources Directory for even more sites...


So there you have it! A lot of great Photoshopping to be done. As for us, you can be sure that we're going to continue to strive to be the best through our tutorials, articles and innovation!

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