Interview with the Founder of Envato, Collis Ta'eed


Collis Ta'eed founded a little company called Envato back in 2006, and three years later it has flourished into a corporation with 18 extremely successful subsidiaries that employ writers and designers from all over the world. Its diversity ranges from tutorial blogs covering almost every topic in the design world, to successful marketplaces that provide you with all the design materials you will ever need.

With the entrepreneurial genius of Collis and assistance from his talented staff, they have turned Envato into a giant in the world of design that acquires at least 11 million hits a month across it's network of sites. Now pose those burning questions you have always wanted to ask Collis today!

Pose Your Questions in the Comments

In the near future, I will be interviewing Collis. We want to make it as informative to our readers as possible, this is why we want you (the reader) to post a question for Collis in the comments below.

For those of you not familiar with Collis, he started Psdtuts+ and the Tuts+ network, has a tremendous amount of blogging, design, web design, and business building knowledge. He is the CEO of Envato. So this will be a great interview!

About the Coming Interview

Since our last interview with our editor Sean was so successful, we figured that the next step should be to interview the creator of Envato Collis Ta'eed. The procedure will be exactly the same as the previous interview only the questions will now be directed towards Collis now.

Feel free to ask any type of questions ranging from the business end of the company, to design, or anything large or small that you would like to know about Collis. It's time to pick his brain a bit!

We want this interview to be successful, so we once again need your help. Post your questions in the comments. I'll then go through and pick out some questions that will make this interview interesting as well as informative.

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