Interview with Adam Woodhouse, AKA Ardcor


Adam Woodhouse is a extremely well rounded designer out of the United Kingdom. Adam is fluent in many of the designing programs we all know and he has been using them all to create his art. Adams illustrations consist of amazing 3D work mixed with Photoshop and he explains why he thinks artists should practice with a variety of design programs.

1. Welcome to Psdtuts+! Please introduce yourself, give us a brief bio, tell us where you're from, and how you got started in the field.

Hey Psdtuts+. I'm Adam Woodhouse, graphic designer from Kent UK, I’m currently working for an agency in London! I've been working in this field for four years, and it’s always been my aim to become a designer.

It was hard for me to get into, as I have no qualifications in this field, but my personal portfolio initially helped me get my foot in the door at 18.

2. Your work is full of very vibrant colors, why do you like using them instead of the darker colors?

Well I'm a really happy person so I like to express it in my art. Don't get me wrong, there are moments when I have created darker art, regarding to color and message. Most of the time I like to make things to inspire other people and make them smile, well, that’s the idea anyway!

3. What kind of role does Photoshop play in your illustration?

A lot! My main tool is Photoshop as I create raster graphics instead of vector. The flexibility with Photoshop is amazing, and I personally feel for what I do, is the best tool.

Not saying Illustrator doesn't have its uses, I'm happy to use Illustrator, but I just feel Photoshop is an all round more powerful program. Especially as most of my work is web based instead of print.

4. You use a lot of C4D art in your illustrations, why do you think you need to use it in a lot of designs, what does it add?

I really like experimentation and learning new things. So C4D for me was just a tool I used to use to create lighting effects, and then decided to do some cool 3D stuff... And since then it's kind of stuck. I'm a great believer in “Just because you can, doesn't mean you should," but I really like the depth 3D can add to my images.

5. For people who make abstract art like yourself, what kind of techniques should they be familiar with?

I think other than product knowledge to express exactly what you want, the main technique should be coming up with ideas which represent your feelings. Being able to express yourself in a way which you and others can understand is a great skill. I'm still developing how I do this, and trying to come up with new ways I can express my feelings with more emotion visually.

6. Give us an idea of how you design some of your work, what kind of process do you go through to make some of your great illustrations?

I don't plan at all. I just sit with Photoshop / C4D open and just create. Might sound a bit odd, but what I do comes from the heart, so I might have an idea or style I want to implement, but its all freestyle. I think if you worry too much about keeping it close to initial sketches, you'll stress yourself out if it turns out differently, and that's not what it's all about!

7. From your work we see you use a couple of different programs. Why do you think a designer needs to use a wide variety of designing programs opposed to just one?

Its good to use a selection of programs, as different programs offer different things. Illustrator is great for vector work, Photoshop great for effects and raster work, and C4D is great for 3D stuff. I don't know of a program which has all the functions of every program built into one, and I'm quite happy learning new programs to get the desired effects I want.

8. Thanks again for providing Psdtuts+ with this opportunity to interview you, any final thoughts? What would you tell other designers that hope to be as good as you one day?

Cheers, I think the best piece of advice I can give is to just be yourself. Don't copy anybody and just try and define your own style. If you want to be a designer commercially, it won't be an easy route, but don't give up! Many Thanks Psdtuts+!

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