Inspiration: 35 Amazing Vector Landscapes


Landscapes aren't necessarily the first thing that come to mind when one thinks of vector artwork. After all, landscapes are often very nuanced and hold a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns that can be difficult to mimic in a vector image. But that doesn't mean there aren't some incredibly talented vector artists out there creating beautiful landscapes, some of which are almost photo-realistic (especially if viewed from a distance).

Below are 35 great vector landscapes. Most of them look like a digital version of those paint-by-numbers kits so many of us did as children. Some are more abstract, but some could almost be mistaken for photos if viewed at smaller sizes. If you know of other vector landscapes you'd like to share, please do so in the comments!

Lanscape by mocinno

Landscape 7 by darksithanakin

Ukiyo-e VII by sahua

Lanscape 31 by darksithanakin

Landscape 30 by darksithanakin

Winter by LimKis

Landscape 9 by darksithanakin

Pink Landscape by jkBunny

Japanese Landscape by littledeshu

Landscape 26 by darksithanakin

Gumiel de Izan by javieralcalde

Lanscape WIP by stingerstyler

Lanscape 27 by darksithanakin

Lanscape by michaelpolom

Lanscape 18 by darksithanakin

Landscape by ArtemMostovoy

Flow by WonderDookie

Landscape 21 Vectorized by darksithanakin

Landscape 02 by cristian-magro

Landscape-Winter by Just-Peer

Landscape 22 Vectorized by darksithanakin

Mechanically Separated by GrantCodak

Daydreaming Trees by KING-BEAR

Desert by chibighibli

Oriental Landscape by GustovShikov

Placid Purple Moonlight by HappyRainDancer

Reflective Mountain by Harbinjer

For Haiti by TheDeviantIndigo

Landscape 41 Vectorized by darksithanakin

Purple Landscape by g00glen00b

Cold Night by Maniaiel

Desert Dessert by TheologianoftheGash

Empyrean by DivineAscendant

Night Time Landscape Ver 1 by XxNoremacxX

Rolling Hills by ndevries555

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