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13 Brandable, Free, Vector People Graphics: Mascots and Character Designs


Need a character or awesome vector mascot for your next design project, grab a set for free today. We've rounded up a collection of highly brandable vector people character packs and one off graphics. We have on display a customizable Tuts+ Guy website mascot set, creative mascot graphic pack made by Pasquale D'Silva, a top of the evolutionary ladder geek, a male and female character broken into outfits and parts - ready for animation, and more. Now's the time to download these vector freebies, so get to it.

Many of these free vector downloads are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Some may have stronger restrictions though, so always check the usage rights before using.

Free Vector Mascot Graphics and Character Designs

1. The Tuts+ Guy Website Mascot, Freebie Pack

Scott Jackson puts together a spectacular set of vector characters, which was based on an old Envato project, and reworked here exclusively for you to download for free on Vectortuts+. The character has a very cool vector style and numerous fun poses, very usable. Grab these people graphics for free now, available in AI and EPS format. In addition to the download Scott also reviews a complete process for creating mascot designs, with numerous tips included.

tuts mascot

2. Stunning Free Character Pack: Free Illustrations For Any Use

Grab this versatile mascot pack created by Pasquale D’Silva for exclusive release through This set of free people is ideal for adding a little personality into your designs. There are numerous active poses to choose from. They are all easy to adapt to your designs, adding emphasize to a website feature or about page for example. Download these free vector characters available in EPS format.

pasquale mascot

3. Evolution Vector Set, Awesome Characters for Free created a fun, professional character pack for free download. Grab this freebie of the original AI source files, which allows you to easily edit and utilize them in your designs. The vector set includes a fancy amoeba character, a lovely tadpole that later becomes a nice lizard who finally ends up being a beautiful monkey that eventually will evolve into a homo sapiens. I love how geeky the evolutionary guy is and he'd make a great mascot to work with.


4. Beauty Girl Vector Graphics

This character looks fit to date Sterling Archer or appear on a cartoon version of Mad Men. This high-style character is adorned with long lit cigarette, blush, lipstick, and perfume for various uses. DaPino has outdone herself with this one. The free vector download pack has this mascot set available in AI, EPS, and SVG formats.

beauty characters

5. Betty Page Mascot Character Icon

Mau Russo's vector illustration work always has a unique style, and a hint of cute sadism. You can learn about his workflow in a tutorial he did for us here on Vectortuts+: Learn a Professional Workflow for Illustrating a Comic-Style Header Image.

This download is of a cute, vicious little lady and would add a fun, evil mascot to your design. It wouldn't be good for most project, but for the right project, it would add a unique element. The free vector mascot is available in AI format and available for download.


6. Free Vector Character – The Programmer

This hard at work programmer character is available for free download. It's created by Kuswanto, who is a talented Illustrator who runs Petshopbox Studio, a small illustration studio from Bandung, Indonesia. This cartoony mascot would add some personality to a programmers portfolio header or about page. The free graphic download is available in AI and EPS format.


7. Free Mailman Vector Character

This free mailman character is also created by Petshopbox Studio. It's style is bright and colored with vector gradients. This would make a perfect addition to a messaging app site to add some key branding. This mascot is available as a free vector download from, and the download package contains both AI and EPS formats for maximum versatility.


8. Free Vector Geek Guy Mascot

This free vector graphic download is available in AI, EPS, and SVG format, and comes to us from Snap2objects. This mascot is full of personality and drawn in a flat style that makes the character look much like a cardboard cutout. This generic mascot is suitable for any online business, like blogs or any tech related enterprises, as the character has tech-geek, pro-business style.


9. Free Vector Spartan Warrior Mascot

This free vector download comes from This Spartan's strength and style reminds me of the characters in the movie the 300. This badass mascot has a stylish helm, big muscles, as well as a Spartan shield and cape. This free graphic download is available in both AI and EPS formats. The character also has more than one colored format.


10. Free Vector Characters, Pirate Mascot, Sales Guy, and More

This character set is designed by Blackmoondev and released through This quirky pirate character and ghostly sales guy are just a few of the people graphics and goodies available in this pack. These cartoon characters are available as a free vector download and formated as a flexible AI file.


11. Boy Vector Character

This character is set up for animation, so while this boy would make an excellent mascot, he's also set up with multiple graphic parts: clothes, hair styles, hands, and more for easy animation. This is a default character that comes with CrazyTalk Animator and is available for download on 123freevectors. This character pack is available as a free vector download and formated as a flexible AI and EPS file.


12. Girl Vector Character

This character, similar to the one above is set up for animation. This girl character is also set up with multiple graphic parts: clothes, hair styles, hands, facial expressions, and more for easy animation. This is a default character that comes with CrazyTalk Animator and is available for download on 123freevectors. This character pack is available as a free vector download and formated as a flexible AI and EPS file.


13. Woman Character - with Arms Crossed

This vector commanding vector woman with arms crossed is available as a close up head view, as well as full figure view. This free graphic download is available in both AI and EPS formats. It's brought to us from where you can find more free vector graphics for download.


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