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Best of, Free Vector Business People Silhouette Packs


Freebie time! Jump in, we've rounded up a massive resource of vector business people silhouettes. There are 15 packs listed here and well over 150 vector silhouettes. They're all free vector downloads with a simple flat or linear style. All these free graphics are illustrated with limited colors and are easy to use in your vector work - making for quick additions into the background, or for when you need to add a simple business element to your design. Add some free vector silhouettes to your business resource folder today.

Many of these free vector silhouettes are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Some may have stronger restrictions though, so as always check the usage rights before using.

1. Three Free Vector Business Silhouettes

These trendy young businessmen may be just what you need for your next business designs. They have a bit more edge than the classic handshake pictures of most free vector clipart. It's available in EPS in the free download.

three business men psoing

2. 12 Free Vector Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 02

Business graphic resources always come handy. And these have a professionally illustrated feel, with multiple stances, props, and use of light hitting the vector people with gray shades. Grab this free vector silhouette pack now. They are available in different vector formats (EPS, SWF, SVG, and WFM).

professional manager vectors

3. 12 Free Vector Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 03

This set of free vector businessmen silhouettes is a continuation from the those above. You can see the style is the same, but they've added additional poses, such as handshakes and powerful stances. Grab these free vector business people now. They are available in different vector formats (EPS, SWF, SVG, and WFM).

free vector businessmen silhouettes with props

4. Multiple Businessman Silhouette Pack

Over thirty businessmen silhouettes available for free download, as an EPS file. They are all styled with a limit of three colors, so quite flat, but also very versatile to use and recolor as needed. Grab this free vector silhouette set today.

mega freebie pack of silhouettes

5. Business Women Silhouette Pack

Stylistically this is a continuation from the pack above, as it's colored the same and has a similar look made by the same artist. In this pack though there are over twenty business women available for free download. Grab this free vector silhouette set today, it's in EPS format as well.

free business women silhouettes

6. Business People

Grab this huge set of vector people silhouettes, all sporting business attire, and interacting in business activities. These vector clip art silhouettes are better to edit with Adobe Illustrator CS or Adobe Photoshop CS and above. Other Graphics Software (Such as Corel Draw or Freehand) can be used for editing these files as well. The are available for free download as AI, EPS, CSH, and JPG format.

vector people

7. Business People Silhouettes

Here is another business people silhouette set available for free vector download as an EPS and AI format. They are in vector format, so as with the other packs mentioned here, they can be resized as you wish without losing quality and can be use in your print designs, web designs, flyers, posters and any designs you want.

vector business people with charts

8. Vector Business People

One more set of free business people silhouettes. All these silhouette are ready to use in your amazing designs, creating eye catching graphics, print design, motion graphics, 3d rendering, flyers, posters. These unique, hand drawn graphics are available for free download in AI, CSH, and PNG formats.

moving business vector graphics

9. Business Women

23 vector silhouettes of business women for free downloading. Grab this uniquely drawn vector girl silhouette set today. These graphics are available for free download in AI, CSH, and PNG formats.

professional women girl silhouettes

10. Business Presentation

This free graphic is of a business presentation composed of vector silhouettes. It shows a businessman making a pitch to business people or possibly a team meeting. The silhouettes people look professional, as well as the scene. You can grab this free vector download as an Adobe Illustrator AI file.

manager meeting presentation

11. Business World Silhouettes

This vector graphic is filled with vector people all in business attire and standing strongly, some on cell phones, or holding briefcases. It's placed against an abstract business sky rise city background. Grab this free vector download now, which is available as an Adobe Illustrator AI file.

abstract business silhouettes

12. Business People Illustrations

This vector graphic has a few business professional silhouettes people in from of a world map. There is another file in this download as well that has vector silhouettes in front of abstract, statistical puzzle pieces, which gives a cool data feel. Grab these free vector white-collar workers, which are available in EPS format with JPG previews.

vector people silhouette over world

13. Busy Business People Silhouettes

These free vector silhouettes are of the same businessman in different poses, all classic: checking his schedule, watch check with folder in hand, and staring stoically off into the distance. This file is available as a free vector SVG.

posed businessman free vector silhouettes

14. Business Man

This vector freebie of a business man in silhouette is available in reversed black with white lines, as well as simple lines over white. This vector EPS file is available for free download as well.

vector person grabbing tie

15. Abstract Business Vector

This vector freebie has a handful of vector people silhouettes of business managers against a funky dotted circle background. Kind of a strange combination, but you can easily grab any of these elements out of the vector file and use them in your next design project. This free download is available in EPS format.

funky background with vector business people
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