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40+ Fascinating Digital Painting Tutorials


Digital paintings are one art and design trend that isn't going away any time soon. Digital paintings (examples) are vibrant, display well on screen and take advantage of new technologies like the graphics tablet to make the digital look traditional. If you're interested in learning to create art through this medium, here are over 40 tutorials to help you begin (or continue) the adventure.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on Psdtuts in June of 2009.

1. Skin Tones Part 1

2. Skin Tones Part 2

3. Gunman by Craig Mullins

4. Revising Golongrias Picture

5. Happy Like a Broken Doll

6. Human Skin

7. Painting an Old Man

8. Painting Human Lips

9. How to Make a Planet

10. Space Craft Prototyping

11. Sci-Fi Environment Concept tutorial

12. Digital Illustration Workflow

13. Scene Rendering

14. Abstract Dragon

15. Liberate Your Colors

16. Painting a faerie scene

17. Paint a Sexy Siren

18. Portrait Speedpainting

19. Making of Hecate

20. A Traditional Approach to Creating Digital Art

21. Spider Harp

22. Create the Assault Chick

23. Creating the virtual Character AYU

24. Making of Transformers Death Blow

25. The Taming of Naas

26. Create Cool Comic Book Covers

27. How to Paint Feathers and Wings

28. New School Pinup Art

29. Children Book Illustration

30. Painting Realistic Looking Lips

31. Creating a Robot Concept

32. Making of Howling

33. Making of Superbad

34. Making of Funfair

35. Making of Cold Sky

36. Painting Clouds

37. Paint a Dragon

38. The Making of Spanish Girl

39. The Making of Fresh Meat

40. Bio Shock Digital Painting

41. Digital Painting Tutorial

42. Making of Under the Root

43. Drawn of the Dead

44. Using Brushes for Fabric and Costumes

45. Paint Realistic Ears

46. Paint Realistic Hands

47. Making of Equilibrium

48. Advanced Digital Painting

49. Making of Fire Energy

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