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More Big Time Eye Candy From Creattica


It's been over a year since we did our eye candy rundown from Creattica. I'd say it's about time to do another!

Creattica is a great source for some Photoshop inspiration or to just browse through some awesome work. We hope you enjoy the site and find the inspiration to make some brilliant work of your own. And when you do, don't forget to submit it to Creattica!

1.Summoning the Life


3.Endless Journey

4.Singing Frogs

5.Another Little Mermaid


7.Tiger Painting

8.The Myth - Act 2


10.New York Seaty

11.Circo de la Luna


13.Black Orchid



16.9 Destinations

17.The Flight


19.Roses bouquet splash effect

20.Archway into the Ice



23.Corrida in flames

24.Broken Dreams

25.Glass tomatoes with liquid and splashing effect.

26.Abbey Toad


28.In the dark

29.Criminal minded

30.Girl Drawing

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