Cleverly Photoshopped Print Ads


There are a lot of print advertisements out there, but only a few stand out from the rest. In this article, we will present you with a selection of cleverly Photoshopped print ads that we really enjoyed. Let's take a look!

Batelco Directory: Hotel

This piece puts a whole new spin on the idea of a page curl. It does a fantastic job of pealing away the city in a realistic way.

Carrying Too Much Weight?

The advertisement does an excellent job of converting a man's belly fat into a handbag. The texture of the bag is really well done and the hair is a nice touch. The only note that we might make is that men don't really use handbags. So who is the target audience here?

Big Fat Sound

We really like how well the wax harp turned out in this piece. The melting wax looks very realistic. The artist really paid attention to detail. Notice the reflection in the mirror, a detail that many designers might have missed.

Desertification Destroys 6,000 Species Every Year

We've seen quite a few disintegration effects in the past. This piece does a particularly good job turning the elephant into sand; as it is harder to make really fine particles look realistic.

The True Brew of Halloween

In this piece, we really enjoyed how the pumpkin vines grow on to the glass.

Listerine: Burger

Burgers always catch our eye but this one doesn't look very appetizing. This piece does a great job showing all the things we put into our mouth during the day. Notice how most of the objects aren't even food. Yuk.

Old Spice: Matterhorn

Everyone loves the Old Spice guy. This piece does a really good job mixing photos and digital illustration/painting.

Take a Five Minute Holiday

This fun and simple photo manipulation does a great job of blending all these photos into one composition. It almost looks real.

There's Always a Stain Waiting to Happen

While this coffee cup might not be that easy to drink out of, the shape of it really helps to portray how that coffee might end up looking once you've spilled it on the table.

BCAA Travel Insurance: Snowglobe

This Illustration does a great job producing this snow globe.

Hungry for Fresh Ideas

In this piece it's hard to say how much of this is a photo and how much is digital painting.

LG Mobile: Circus

This piece does a really nice job of combining all the photos into one seamless composition.

Manpower Experis: Hammer

The designer who put this artwork together did a really good job of attaching that hammer head onto that man's body.

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