Clarifying Our Discount Membership Promotion


Hi everyone,

I'm sure you would have noticed the $0.99 membership promotion we ran yesterday.

Tuts+ has never tried Promotion of a membership in this way before. Ever. We are not internet marketers so we are still learning and still make mistakes. We didn't know what would be received poorly and what would be taken positively.

In proofing the post I wasn't as thorough as I should have been. I wasn't clear that it would default to a regular $19 membership after the first month. Naturally, this caused anger. To make sure nobody is adversely impacted from this I will be individually emailing those who were fortunate enough to get the offer. If they don't get the email then we'll happily refund them.

There was some confusion around the discount code. There was only the one code for all of the sites, but it had many uses. It ran out very quickly, in 3.5 hours. Again, this was the first time we've ever done something like this, and there was no way to tell how popular it would or wouldn't be. There's a high likelihood that we'll do this or something similar to it again, but we can be confident in saying the same mistakes wont be made again.

I'm sorry for any confusion or disappointment that was caused by this, we'll know how to better handle it next time.

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