Best of the Web—March


Wow, another month has gone by already. Have you gotten all the tutorials done you wanted to last month? Already, we have another fresh list of tutes, freebies, and articles: so much great content; so little time. That's a good thing though. There's always lots of high-quality material to pick and choose from. It has been another rock solid month here on Psdtuts+ and across the Web. Let's check out the material elsewhere.

Tutorial Wrap

  • Expressive Lighting Effects

    This tutorial combines excellent vector- and raster-based techniques. Jason Maller is the author, and it's released by Computer Arts so you know it rocks. There are certainly lots of glow effect tutorials. There are a couple techniques that make this one unique. This tute by Jason is top-notch and a must-see this month.

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  • Web Design for My Chemical Romance Rock Band

    This is a cool Web site design tutorial that pulls together grunge elements. The photos used in the design feel three-dimensional after the background is removed from them. There is lots of texture and rough text in the design. This tute is sure to give your next Web site design some edge.

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  • B-movie Poster Art

    This tutorial teaches you how to combine a variety of images and effects in order to achieve a movie poster design. 3D Renders, stylized photography, smoke, and a campy alien horror invasion make up this design's composition.

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  • Re-Coloring Jason Kidd's Shoe

    This tutorial clearly explains how to use vector shapes and blending modes to change an image's colors. The results look sharp and professional. You can also complete this tutorial quickly.

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  • Designing a Black Zune 2 in Photoshop

    Use vector shapes and layer styles to create a cool video music player design.

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  • Lighting Effects Photoshop Tutorial

    Learn how to combine multiple layers of lighting effects. This is a simple technique to learn. This tute shows you how to make layered colorful backgrounds while controlling the lighting.

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  • Exotic Fashion

    This is a great tutorial to check out for those of you set up with a Wacom tablet. If you're interested in painting digital characters, this tute covers the process.

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  • Vintage Collages in Photoshop

    I recently wrote a Roundup on Collage here on Psdtuts+. Collage is a popular topic in Photoshop. It's like Photoshop was made for Collage. This tute will stylistically remind you of Creating A Cool Vintage Collage Design In Photoshop tutorial here. It stands out as unique though, as it covers techniques for bringing painted textures in as scans.

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  • Royal Interface

    This tutorial uses some of Photoshop's basic vector-shape tools. It blends in some layer styles. The results are simple, but have a professional, modern feel. The techniques covered in this tute could be used to make a fun Web site design.

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  • Double Exposure Tutorial

    Need to give your photos a vintage feel? Then check out this tute. This technique will give a common photo some warmth.

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(FREE!) Download Picks

  • Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Messy Spraypaint

    Ten awesome hi-res brushes released by Bittbox. "These aren't traditional spraypaint brushes, so 'Messy Spraypaint' is as close as I could get to an accurate name." It looks a bit like spray and brush work mixed together.

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  • Cocaine Sans

    This grunge font mixes in bits of random text behind characters. It replaces some characters with bits of texture. It's a fun and messy font to play with.

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  • Free Vector Series: Old Scans

    Neno Design Blog released a series of designs passed down from an old book—sounds like a great junkyard find. The book is called Handbook of Ornaments. The book gives liberal usage rights to the designs. Learn more about the usage by following the link below.

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  • Designbum Downloads

    Issara Willenskomer has some "tasty visual treasures" available on his site. For example, he has a group of layered Photoshop files available for download that are "totally hecka sweet." One of the designs sports the "oft used light shizzle techniques." For a review of the sights and resources, visit the AiBURN article Inspiration: Designbum or just jump over to the site below.

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  • Astral Flora

    This is a brush that includes instructions on how to turn the results into glowing floral arrangements.

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  • Halftone Brush

    This brush gives you a solid set of halftone shapes. If you'd like to learn to create and use your own shapes, see the tute Create a Cool Halftone Effect or check out a more recent one here on Psdtuts+ Creating an Urban-Style Piece of Artwork.

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Article Wrap

  • Vintage Japanese Pillbox Designs

    "Medicine packaging of today often looks so serious and sterile. Whereas some years ago in Japan, in opening your medicine cabinet, the colorful products would practically jump at you." Good point about the sterility of medicine packaging today. In any case, these colorful packages are some vintage eye candy. This article amasses a fine historical collection. The designs are presented with a running dialog on the design and function of the products.

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  • The Secrets Of Grunge Design

    This article opens by stating that Web 2.0 is dated, essentially dead. The popular rise of grunge design is not a nail in the coffin for all Web 2.0 styles, though. There will be instances where the two styles fuse, especially, while both are popular. I'd call this "Gradient Grunge." Well, that's just my opinion. Regardless of the status of Web 2.0 style, this article is a huge resource on grunge design. It's a must read if you're going to be working in that style in the near future.

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  • The Evolution of Internet

    This is mostly a visual blog post. It shows three screenshots of different large companies. It gives a good feel on how the Web has improved over time. The visual design is more sophisticated today than yesteryear.

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  • Trading the Hourly Rate for Task-based Pay: Should You Do It?

    If you're freelancing, this is a must-read post. If you're charging hourly, this article will have you considering charging per project. Don't let the concept of revision keep you from pursuing this. The author gives a reasonable solution to that issue. Check the article's comments. There are some strong benefits to moving to project-based fees.

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  • Design Resources Search Engine

    "Ever wanted a way to search for that perfect Photoshop brush across multiple Web sites at once, but not waste time sifting through paint supplies websites?" Yes, this comes up all the time. This is a modified version of Google's search engine that includes only design-related sites. And, of course, Psdtuts+ is in there. If you want your blog listed, you can make a request as well. Jump to the Design Resources Search Engine or to the blog post on the subject by following the link below.

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