AudioJungle Launch + Upcoming Sites + Psdtuts+ announcements!


As you know, one of the other sites we work on here is FlashDen, and recently we've been very hard at work expanding FlashDen to have a dedicated Audio sister-site. So it's with great pleasure that I can finally say that AudioJungle is now online!

Dedicated Marketplace for Music Loops and Sound Effects

In a nutshell, the new site is FlashDen but for audio. But with the new site we can now really push the brand and market to get it known—where before, let's face it, who goes to a flash site for music? :-)

I'm also quite proud of the design that I did for the site, so go check that out even if you're not into audio! And while you are there, make sure you check out the neat little blog design for In the Jungle—the Audio Blog—that I spent half my weekend doing!

Something a Little Closer to Home

Now I know that audio isn't really what Psdtuts+ is about, but I can tell you we have a few more sites that we plan to launch very soon.

On the tutorials side of things, Sean and I are hard at work on VECTORTUTS which will be ... you guessed it, tutorials about vector illustration and technique. And Skellie (our FreelanceSwitch editor) is working on AUDIOTUTS, which will roll out shortly afterwards.

And if that wasn't enough, with AudioJungle out, our dev team is now working hard on both adding more features and the next project. Although I can't say what that is going to be publicly, I can say, it will be *much* more interesting to the Psdtuts+ audience!

And Some Psdtuts+ Announcements

What? That's not enough? No problem!

We also have the Psdtuts+ Wiki all skinned and ready for launch this week. I'm still trying to figure out how to coordinate the small matter of erm adding content to it. But I'm sure that's easy.

One of our readers, Gavin Steele, has been putting together videos of some of our tutorials. And we're going to be opening up a Psdtuts+ Video pool—similar to the Flickr one. This will mean readers and contributors can upload and share Photoshop-related videos and we'll highlight the best ones here on the site!

We've also hired the super-talented Valerie Robinson of Robinson Communications to start copy-editing our posts and getting everything looking a little more tip-top. This is great news, especially for me, because my writing is littered with grammatical dubiousness!

Last week we upgraded the Wordpress install here to 2.5, which isn't very exciting, except it means now we have tagging available. So we're going to go through and tag every tutorial with a degree of difficulty. That means you'll soon be able to browse by level as well as category.

And there's lots more stuff hidden in my to-do lists that I've forgotten, like translations, working with other blogs, and more. All in all, it's very busy over here at HQ!!

And if you have a moment ...

Finally if you have a moment, with AudioJungle going up, I thought I would submit it to some social media sites to make traffic :-) So if you have a moment, and like the site, I'd really appreciate a vote!

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