Announcing the Launch of the Tuts+ Podcast


Psdtuts+ and the Tuts+ Network are excited to present the first episode of the Tuts+ Podcast! We will be producing one episode each month for Tuts+ readers and tackling a different topic each time.

In this first episode we are going to talk about the web design workflow from start to finish. This includes gathering information from the client to get a better idea of what they want visually, what steps you take in preparing mockups, how you share mockups with clients, what you do to get clients to sign off on design, testing of the final coded design, and other major steps of the web design workflow.

Our very first!

This is our first podcast, so we are still learning the ropes. Please leave your feedback in the comments section on how we can improve future episodes. Also, make sure to tell us what you'd like to hear next time.


All music and sounds supplied by the very awesome AudioJungle!

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  • Introductions

    In the News

    "The Four Week Challenge," from: A List Apart, by: Ryan Carson

    • "The reason is that when you work less, it gives you more time to experience life and think; you can use the extra time to not only spend with people you love, take up hobbies, or invest in causes you believe in, but also to have ideas. Some of our best ideas have come while driving, gardening, reading, or painting on the weekend."
    • "Making lists .... Put the time-sensitive stuff at the top and be realistic. Choose three time-intensive things to do and five quick things to do. Make sure you finish all of them before you leave in the evening."

    "Quality-Price-Ratio in Web Design (Pricing Design Work)," from Smashing Magazine

    • "Hourly rates are unfair to both the designer and the client. Well then, I can hear you asking, if not hourly, how are you supposed to figure out how to charge?"
    • "The first step in coming to a fair and reasonable valuation of your services is to take a look at your cost of doing business. Cost of business is simply everything that it takes for you to operate."

    "Goals: Ready Aim Fire" from Go Media Zine

    • "If you don’t have a goal and just throw the dart, well, you may hit the wall, you may hit the floor, or you may hit your friend."
    • "Write it down! Jot it down on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet. Or better yet, have it printed on a ten foot banner and hang it over your bed."

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