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30 Ultra High-end Photoshop Tutorials


Ever drooled over the artwork created by Photoshop masters like Nik Ainley and Greg Martin? Drool no longer, because with the help of these 30 tutorials you can create high-end digital artworks and effects to rival any Photoshop legend.

1. Build a Fantasy Castle

2. Create Striking Portraits

3. Sci-Fi Art Poster

4. Speed Shatter Effect

5. Mixed Media Techniques and Photoshop

6. Making Pictures with the Wow Factor

7. From Sun to Snow in Photoshop

8. Create Amazing Photomontages

9. Cool B-Rated Movie Posters

10. Creating Fireballs and Explosions

11. Create illustrations for events, editorial and companies

12. How to Create Surreal Landscapes

13. Combine Textures and Vectors

14. Create a Vintage Collage

15. Building a Textured Visual Treat

16. Screen Print Effects

17. Combine Photos for a Surreal Landscape

18. Real Word Effects

19. Make a Political Statement

20. Faking it in Photoshop

21. Combine Photography and Handrendering

22. Posterized Illustration Effects

23. Creating Cool Textured Backgrounds

24. Make an Inspiring Artistic Poster with Drawn Elements

25. Bad Ass Bling Effect

26. Photo Manipulating an Image into a Realistic Night-scene

27. Advanced Glow Effects

28. 3D Color Text Explosion

29. Dreamy 3D Typography

30. X-Ray Effects in Photoshop

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