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250+ Free, Vintage Graphics: Flourish Vector Ornaments


Wow, if you're looking for high quality free vector graphics, then you've landed on the right article. We've roundup up a massive collection of free vector flourishes. These graphics are composed of a wonderful mix of vintage elements, floral ornaments, swirly design mixes, and are all made of beautifully curved vector art.

These retro designs are great for adding a classic feel and to separate areas of information in your work. These lovely vector flourishes are available in EPS, SVG, AI and other vector formats for free download. Whether you're an Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or prefer another vector software package, you can download these sets and use them in your next design.

Many of these graphics are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Some may have stronger restrictions though, so as always check the usage rights before using.

Free Flourish Ornament Graphics for Vector Designers

Vintage Vector Flourishes and Ornaments

This free pack is filled with 85 vector ornaments. In addition to floral symbols, decorative borders, and classic print embellishment designs, you'll also find some gorgeously crafted pen flourishes. This free pack is part of a larger commercial set, so there are plenty more of these high quality vintage ornaments available to purchase as well.

It's put together from genuine retro, nineteenth century type foundry catalogs. They are available in EPS and Illustrator AI formats. These masterfully executed illustrations will add a fancy vintage touch to all your creations.


Retro Flourish Design Elements

These ornate vector graphics have a decorative calligraphic feel. This classic set of nostalgic, ornamental artwork is available for free download. The format available is EPS. The author is Webdesignhot. These swirly, swashes, would make for a great design element on wedding invitations to add that needed victorian feel.


Ornaments and Flourishes

These flourish vector graphics were put together over the course of four years by Manamedia. They have a great deal of variety in style and all are beautiful, classic designs. Grab these wonderfully crafted ornate elements for your next design project. They are available in EPS format in this free vector download.


Vector Flourish Ornaments

All Silhouettes put together a massive floral set of free flourish ornaments made with clean and clear vector lines. These type of flourishes were traditionally used to decorate print designs, such as formal documents and add elegance to books. These graphics are great to grab when you need to add a swash of classic decorative style. This set of 72 free vector flourishes are available as AI and CSH formats.


Vector Flourish Designs

This is another set of 24 classic flourishes available from All Silhouettes. These free vector ornaments are composed of curving floral elements, swirls and other elaborate nature inspired graphics. These are great for adding a quick dash of vintage class when you're in need of a fast solution. Grab this free vector download composed in AI and CSH formats.


Flourish Vector Ornaments

Ann Storer released this set of free flourishes in vector format. They have a floral, leaf, and flowing design composition to them. The gradient coloring gives you lots of ideas on how these could add a tremendous impact to your next design. The modern style mixed into the classic vintage ornate elements is interesting. Time to download this set and add it to your collection. This pack of six free flourish vectors are available in AI8 EPS and Adobe Illustrator AI formats.


Baroque Ornament Vectors Vol 1

Wegraphics put together this detailed flourish. It looks like it was meant to decorate classic currency or the borders of well read antique books. If you're looking for a high quality ornate element to use in your next design, then this one is calling out to be used. Grab this flowing decorative element, which is available in Illustrator AI format.


Free Flourish Vector

Designed by: the, this elegant graphic is colored in a modern style and placed over a halftone background. It has flowing areas of overlapping leaves and would work great to style the edges of a document or to center calligraphic text in-between. This free vintage flourish vector is available in EPS format for download.


Ornamental Flourishes

This set of free flourishes (vector formatted) were designed by TheVectorLab. The Illustrator linework has been simplified in this vintage graphic. It has a nice centered, decorative swirl to the design. Grab this organic ornamental flourish, available in EPS format.


Vector Freebie: Ornate Flourish & Pattern

GoMedia created this retro ornament and pattern, and admit to having "baggy eyes" to show for it. The line quality of this flourish is refined, even though it has a rough feel to it. Grab this retro design today. It's available as an Illustrator AI file. You can use the free vector flourish or the seamless patterned background design.


Free Vector Flourishes

Designed by Designious, these vector flowers are classic flowing graphic flourishes that you can use to dress up your design. See how they fit your work and add a classic vintage feel. Use these organic floral swirls to fashion your design and enhance your typography. These free flourish vectors are available in Adobe Illustrator AI format.


Free Floral Mega Vector Pack 6 Sample

This free floral pack is a vector graphic set that showcases the high quality Designious has put together here. Filled with flowers, foliate, and organic filigree, this elegant set of six decorative free vector flourishes are available to download in EPS format.


Victorian Ornament

This hand drawn decorative flourish is filled with formal detail. It's created by Bhima Bagaskara and available for download on Grab this Victorian vintage graphic for free, available in EPS format. You can use it to add a nostalgic, ornate feel to your next greeting card, wedding invitation, or to the next page of a festive design.


Decorative Elements Pack

This free vector design pack comes with 33 unique decorative elements, such as classic flourishes, calligraphic swirls, elegant motifs, and more! They look great as text dividers or as a borders surrounding your design. Use these decorative ornaments to add a high quality handmade feel to your next design that needs some ornate vintage flair added. This free set of vector graphics is available in EPS format.


Flourishes Free Vector Pack

These ornamental flourish graphics are made in Illustrator and meant to be used via the swatches panel. They are set up to easily drag them over and then use them as swatches in your design as repeating flourish background designs. This retro set of free flourish vector designs are easy to use. They are designed by thedigitalangel. It's available as an Adobe Illustrator AI file.


Flourish Vector Pack 2

Scanned from an old book, these free antique flourish graphics were put together by iheartvectors. They have a smooth, flowing, floral feel and are great elements for adding to your design and separating text areas. Grab these retro vector elements for free, which are available in EPS format.


Decorative Scrolled Banner Flourishes scans in lots of outstanding design elements from old books and antique ephemera. It's always important to research usage rights. If you read up on the site, Eric who runs this, is very clear about how these graphics fit into US copyright law and how you can use them do to their age. This decorative banner flourish is available as a free vector graphic download in EPS format.


Free Vector Flourishes

The flowing lines of these graphic elements are swirly, curly, and are decoratively thin. They are beautiful graphics that would add classic organic ornamentation to any design your working on. There are eight free vector flourishes in this pack. They are designed by AllFreeVectors and available in EPS format.


More Free Vintage Vector Graphics from Vectortuts+

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