21 Brilliant AudioJungle Wallpapers + Winners Announced


When we announced an AudioJungle wallpaper contest last month, I was not at all prepared for the barrage of jungle visual goodness that instantly began flooding our Flickr pool. With over 180 entries to select just three winners from, judging was always going to be very difficult.

18 Runners Up, 3 Winners and 1 Gallery of Jungle Awesomeness

We've compiled together the 21 Judges Favourites, including the first, second and third prize winners. View the Full Gallery Here and please feel free to give them a Stumble vote!

Without further ado, here are the first, second and third place getters, grab the wallpapers from the gallery.

1st place - EAMejia - View Wallpaper

Winners, I've sent you all an email/Flickr mail to get all those prizes over to you!

The Gallery, available on FlashDen

And if you like our the awesome Flash Gallery we've used it's actually a Flash Component available on FlashDen for $25 from DigitalScience!


We'd like to take a moment to thank our sponsors for supporting this contest:





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New Sponsors

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