2 Big Announcements!


This week brings two big announcements for the site. First, I'm happy to welcome Sean Hodge officially as the site's new editor. And secondly, I'm also pleased to tell you that Psdtuts+ now has a sister-site at

Sean Hodge Steps Up as Editor

For the last few weeks, I haven't been posting anything up here at Psdtuts+. In fact, our superstar contributor Sean has been stepping up to the plate and running the show. Now that he's comfortable behind the wheel, I'm happy to officially welcome him as editor.

As I've mentioned before, Sean has not only lots of experience blogging—he's a writer for sites like SmashingMagazine and GoMediaZine—but he's also a talented designer with an excellent eye.

He's also got lots of ideas and enthusiasm for the site and is going to be a great captain here. I'll still be around now and again messing up Sean's publishing schedule and adding features to the site, but most importantly I'll be building lots of new sites. In fact, in the two-and-a-half weeks since Sean has taken over, I've already managed to redesign FlashDen (which will be live later this week), and I've also had the time to build a new TUTS site! So without further ado ...

NETTUTS Soft Launch

Yesterday, I put up the first beginnings of a new tutorial site over at The site is pretty empty at the moment, and this week I'll be filling it up with some seed content and then setting a relaxed posting schedule which we'll ramp up in the coming months (just like we did here at Psdtuts+).

As the name suggests, NETTUTS is going to be home to tutorials about everything to do with the Net, from HTML/CSS to Flash to Ajax to things like Adobe AIR and Amazon S3.

My main aim early on will be to show you how to build designs that we create here on Psdtuts+ into HTML. I'm working on a couple of epic tutorials that go from scratch to slick looking Web site.

As with Psdtuts+, we'll be opening up to user contributions and eventually creating a Plus premium membership program (which will link together with PSD+ for discounts).

For the moment, feel free to head over, bookmark the URL, add the RSS to your feed, and leave a comment.

I'll be back later in the week to link up our first big PSD > HTML tutorial as soon as it goes live.

Catch up with me on Twitter!

I'm still going to be popping in now and again on Psdtuts+, but if you're a twitterer, then you can also follow me on Twitter, where I've recently set up at <-- Can't believe I managed to get 'collis'. Guess it's good having a weird name sometimes! Mostly I just twitter about business, new sites, big articles and ramblings :-) but feel free to say hello!

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